Technology Class Day 1 Hour 2


  • In iMovie, you can add video, pictures, music, effects, sounds, and more!
  • iMovie lets you import video that you already have, or export the final product.
  • iMovie allows you to edit the video, from cutting scenes to stitching them together!


  • iTrailers are short videos that make you want to see the movie.
  • iTrailers doesn't let your videos make sound, but you can add intense music!
  • With iTrailers, you can zoom in on pictures, add music, have video, and more!

Haiku Deck

  • Haiku Deck is basically an advanced powerpoint. You can slides with pictures in the background, and a title and subtitle.
  • You can share your Haiku Deck with the internet by pressing a share button, allowing anyone to see it!
  • Most of the background pictures are free, but you have to pay to use some of them.

Explain Everything

  • Explain Everything lets you record your voice and movements in the app, add pictures and text, and use effects, like a laser pointer!
  • Explain Everything costs $2.99, but lets you do a lot inside the app!
  • There is a lot of space for your projects in one Explain Everything file. You can zoom out for a long time!

Go Animate

  • Go Animate is used for short presentations, and sometimes just for fun.
  • Go Animate lets you have characters that can move around and do actions, and lets them "talk" using a text-to-speech translator.
  • Go Animate is free!