Life With Mariah Hamilton.

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today

Who I Am.(:

Intrests ~ Academicts, College, Softball, Family, Music, and Running!
Skills~ Math, writing, running, and Softball or athletic abilities.

Values ~ Independence, leadership, religeon, family, and physical challenge.

Self-esteem ~ I have a giant unrealistic sense of self-esteem

Learning Style~ I'm a Visual-Spatial learner.

I think all of these things should be considered in deciding a career because if you do what you love then you'll never have to work a day in your life. Also If you love what you're doing then you won't regret choosing this career and you'll want to get up to go to work.(:

Where am I going in life?(:

Personal Trainer.

My career as an Personal Trainer Is what I plan to do after college. I want to do this job beause I love pushing people to get better and stronger.(:

Job description~ Personal trainers design customized one-on-one training programs and help motivate clients to exercise. They monitor fitness progress and are used by people who want to stay in shape or athletes. Many personal trainers work at fitness centers, but some personal trainers work at country clubs, corporations, seniors’ homes, and other facilities. Trainers can also access a client’s fitness and make recommendations on how to improve their fitness and which exercises are best.

Salaray~ Personal trainers make slightly over $31,090 a year on average. However, personal trainers who work independently often make more.

Job outlook~ 24% which is alot faster than others.

Cluster~ Human Services.

Work Schedual~ Trainers often have a diffucult schedual. They work an adverage of 40 hours a week. Some may work more.

Work enviroment~ Mostly work in a clean, well-lit, open space or at the person you are traing's home.

Something interesting~ There were about 251,000 fitness trainers employed in the US in 2010. They plan to have more each and every year. Also, Some clients only have one trainer. They also need a bacholers degree and Masters degree.

How Do I get There?

MY goal to acheive in life.(:

College I might attend~ The university of Alabama (UA), It is located in .Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Why this college? They have an amazing acedemics program and they have an amazing softball program. I've been wanting to go there ever since I was 7 because I always saw pictures of how beautiful it looked and how amazing it would be to live my out my dream of going to college there. They do Have the program I need for my career. It is very very far away from home!

Degrees~ I will need a bacholer's degree and a Master's.

Cost per hour at UA~ The resident tuition is $4,725.00

Scholarships I want~ I wouls like the academic elite scholarship and the National Alumni Association of Crimson.