(Organization trying to stop the genocide in Darfur)

The role of the organization in Darfur. What are they doing?

Save Darfur is a powerful movement of activists, faith leaders, students, artists, & genocide survivors to bring an end to the suffering in Darfur and other areas in Sudan under attack.

What rights are being protected by this groups work in Darfur?

By ending the suffering in Darfur and other areas in Sudan under attack, they are working to return the rights of victims. These rights consist of The Right For Life, No Torture, Right to Privacy, The Right to Seek A Safe Place to Live, and many more.

Who supports their mission?

The U.S. Legislation has been helping support Save Darfur. In addition art and social media have been helping spread the word of the need of support. Due to this many have donated their help to the cause.

What has been their successes in Darfur?

Save Darfur demands free and unfettered access for international aid and strengthening the international peacekeeping force. Also they are working to end human rights violations, promote democratic transformation and create peace. Lastly they call for the imposition of sanctions on anyone who provides weapons to Sudan or fails to execute arrest warrants against Sudanese officials, including President Bashir.
We are United to End Genocide