Julius Streicher

One of many

One of the most notorious Nazi leaders during World War Two.

Although his power was taken from him when Hitler came to power he was still known as one of many. In 1921, Hitler gave a speech in Munich. After this speech Streicher was very moved and joined the Nationalists Socialists German Workers Party. From then on Streicher became very loyal to Hitler. He publicized his own magazine/newspaper called “Der Stűrmer” where he could voice his own racial views.

“Der Stűrmer”

In his issues of “Der Stűrmer” Streicher talked about how all the Jews living in Germany were responsible for their country's faults. Hitler announced to his people that “Der Stűrmer” is his favorite choice of magazine/newspaper. This made more than 600,000 copies sold a week. After the war started Hitler began caring less about Streicher and more about the war. This made Germany less interested in what Streicher had to say.

Crime and Punishment

Streicher was arrested May of 1945. Many Nazis were punished for crimes against humanity and peace, but Streichers punishment was different. He was charged with inciting hatred against the Jewish people in Germany. As he faced the death penalty, Streicher through out hateful words against the Jewish community. As they took him down to the gallows he yelled, "Heil Hitler!" On October 16th, 1946, he was hanged along with other senior Nazi figures.