By; Sierra Vasquez

Two countries:

New Zealand


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New Zealand's flag
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Australia's flag



New Zealand: The don't have a constitution and they are ruled by Queen Elisabeth II. The have a house of representatives that has 120 MPs . The House is elected for a maximum of three year term using the MMP (Mixed Member Proportional) system.

Australia: Australia has a Commonwealth government and it's a parliament democracy. All the people in the government were spilt up into three groups, Judicial, executive, legislative. Since their governments are spilt into three different branches than so is the power thus they have no "leader".

Main Entree

Create a game


What you will need;

Dice (to see who goes first)

And the require playing cards that come in ever set.

How you play;

Step 1-

You roll the dice to see who goes first. Say you and your best friend were playing and rolled a 5 and your friend rolled a 3. you would go first and then them second.

Step 2-

Once you have who is going first and second then you pick a card and the card will either say religion, food, housing, language, jobs, music, and holidays.

Step 3-

You act out what the card says and the other players/player will try and guess what you are doing. Example: Say the player gets religion, and the religion they got was Buddhism. They would probably act out a person sitting crisscross with a messy bun.

Step 4-

Once the person guesses correctly than they can go and so forth.


You can give out one hint. I suggest if it's religion, food, housing, language, a job, music, or holiday. It makes it a whole lot easier.


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Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is a holiday celebrated in America even thought it isn't Has important as Christmas or Jesus Birthday it is still celebrated. Everyone thinks that Cinco De Mayo is Mexico's independence day but it is actually the day that Mexico won against France in the Battle of Puebla in the Franco-Mexican War. This Holiday includes Mariachi Bands, street Festivals, and parades. It's mostly celebrated in Mexican-American populations across american mostly Texas.