Business Management

Marissa Brouillard

About Business Management

The demand for this job will always be high, there will always be an endless number of career opportunities in business. It is also a practical choice because it relies on business principles to prosper. There are also many opportunities for specialization in business than most other fields.

Work environment must be conducive to working. It must provide an environment conducive for doing innovative work and for working on challenging projects. The working conditions of an organization shall be such that workers or employees are able to contribute their best efforts and bring about quality output. You put in over 40 hours a week, and every day you will be working with different people.

Skills You Need

Business managers must have excellent communication skills. They need to communicate with all levels of people. Depending on their position, business managers take courses in management, economics, math, marketing research, human relations and interpersonal communication to better hone their skills in managing people. Business management requirements also include organizational skills. Business managers are usually assigned multiple projects. They need to know how to prioritize various tasks, assign them to specific individuals, assign a time frame for the tasks, and complete the project on or before the deadline.


$38,000 - $140,000. Annual earnings for business managers are determined by a variety of factors including industry, title, place of employment, level of education, and experience.

Advantages & Disadvantages

As a business owner, you are your own boss. You answer to no one and you make all the decisions. You set your own work hours and work independently. You can often control your own salary. Should you decide to close your business and pursue work, you will have gained valuable experience as a business leader that could lead to a management or executive role at another company.

Owning a business can expose you to financial risk. You may have to go into debt or invest substantial personal funds to start your company. You may lose it all if your company isn't successful. You may have to work huge numbers of hours in the early years. Once your business is established, its income may be sporadic, highly variable or seasonal. You may have to cover unexpected shortfalls. Operating a business entails many details.


  • A Good Grasp on the Realities of Business
  • Learn Teamwork
  • Learn How to Manage People
  • A Variety of Career Choices
  • Considerations
The purpose of most business management programs is to breed future business leaders. You cannot go to an interview for a mid- or upper-level position without a good management education behind you and be taken seriously. On the same token, some companies find it hard to place business management majors because the subject is very general. It all comes down to what you take out of your business education and how you integrate it with your passions in life.