Arrival/Dismissal Update

August 19, 2019

Changes to Arrival/Dismisal for Walkers and Bike Riders

Due to construction in the front of the school, we needed to make some changes to dismissal procedures for walkers/bike riders. Our crossing guard is moving to a temporary location just South of the original crosswalk. As your child/children walk or ride their bikes to school from the East side of Parkview, please make sure that they only use the temporary crosswalk with the crossing guard for safety purposes, as usual.

Afternoon walkers/bike riders will be dismissed by the following methods:

  • Students who walk/bike to locations on the East side of Parkview drive will cross at the temporary crosswalk to safely cross Parkview and go North or South as usual.
  • Students who walk/bike and go North towards the park will cross our campus crosswalk near the 4th entrance and go North as usual. If they are crossing again towards the pool, they will use the crosswalk with the assistance of the crossing guard located there.
  • Students traveling South and staying on the West side of Parkview will use the Beck sidewalk heading towards the marquee and cross our bus entrance and proceed South as usual.

*Students who are meeting siblings to walk or ride their bike will be dismissed to the 4th grade courtyard and go to Mrs. Polk who will be holding a pink sibling sign. Once they meet up, they will be dismissed to leave. If your child needs to meet a sibling, please be sure to email the teacher and let them know.

* Parents meeting walkers crossing Parkview will meet at the North Parent/Guardian meeting place near Beck's guarded (gate) entrance.

* Parents meeting walkers going South on the West side of Parkview will meet their child at the marquee.

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Arrival/Dismissal Information

The following procedures will be in place for the 2019-2020 school year:

Bus Riders

  • Children riding the bus will be identified with a colored wrist band that corresponds with the bus the child will be riding. Bus riders will receive the wrist band the first day of school.
  • Parents are not allowed to park in the bus area or north parking lot during the designated student drop-off or release times. This will be between 7:20-8:00 a.m and 2:15-3:15 p.m. Cars will NOT be permitted to exit the bus area or north parking during these times.
  • No food or drinks are allowed on the bus at anytime.

Car Riders

  • There will be 12 cars loaded at one time during pick-up.
  • Cars that park in the parking spaces in front of the school will not be permitted to leave during arrival and dismissal times.
  • You will be given a sign to put in your car stating your child's name and teacher. Please have these filled out for the first day of school.
  • There will be one line for drop off in the morning. Please follow the traffic pattern outlined by the cones and school personnel.
  • In the afternoon, there will be two car lines that follow the same traffic pattern as arrival.
  • Please click here to view the traffic pattern map.


  • Walkers will be dismissed first.
  • Walkers who have siblings will meet in the 4th Grade Court Yard.
  • If you wish to meet your child once school has dismissed, please wait on the side of the crosswalk closest to Parkview Drive for those crossing Parkview Dr., and at the Marquee for those traveling South.
  • Parents will not be allowed in the dismissal area with students.

Notification for Changes in Child's Normal Transportation Procedures

If there is a change in the normal procedure for your child to be picked-up, please notify the school by sending a note to and to your child's teacher and by calling the school before 2:00 p.m. A person picking up your child must be listed on your child's enrollment information as a person your child can be released to. Identification will be required.