Lakshmeet's Virtual Resume

My Academic S.M.A.R.T. Goal for Grade 12

S - I want to achieve an overall average of 90% by the end of Grade 12 (June 2018).

M - I will measure my goal by recording my grade 12 midterm marks, test marks, assignment marks and quiz marks so that I know where I stand in terms of my average and what I need to do to improve my average and achieve my smart goal.

A - In order to achieve my goal, I will continue to study for unit tests and quizzes for at least 30 minutes to an hour the day before the test or quiz. I will also plan ahead and prioritize tasks according to importance. I will work on tasks according to when they are due and how heavily they are weighed. This way, I will be able to complete all my homework on time or ask for extensions when I know I won't be able to finish a certain assignment on time.

R - My goal is realistic because my overall average for midterm in grade 10 was 91%. In grade 9 my final average was 96%. I have continued to work hard throughout both years of high school and I want to achieve really high marks in grade 11 and 12 as well. I am motivated by my accomplishments and I don't want my hard work to go to waste in grade 11 and 12 because those are the years in which my grades really matter. Therefore, I know I'm going to continue to work extra hard to achieve high grades in the upcoming years.

T - I want to achieve my goal by the end of June 2018 (high school graduation).

My Volunteering S.M.A.R.T. Goal

S - I want to complete 150 hours of volunteer work by the end of June 2018 (high school graduation).

M - I will measure my goal by keeping record of my volunteer hours. I will do this by recording my volunteer hours in a volunteer log. In my volunteer log I will record the number of hours I volunteered in a day, the organization I volunteered for and program I volunteered in. I will also keep track of my volunteer hours by submitting my volunteer hours to the school. This way, all of my volunteer hours will be put in my record and there is no way I can lose my volunteer hours.

A - I will achieve my goal by taking any upcoming volunteer opportunities I hear about though out my years in high school. There are a lot volunteer opportunities available at school and outside in the community. At school, I can join clubs such as, Team Crew and Ambassadors which give you volunteer hours for helping set up different events at school. In the community, I can volunteer at summer camps so, that I can get volunteer hours done during the summer when I'm free. There are a lot of opportunities I can take to complete and exceed my goal.

R - My goal is realistic because I have already completed 90 plus hours of volunteer service during the summer of grade 9. During the summer, I took every opportunity I got to volunteer because I wanted to achieve 100 hours of community service. Even though I was unable to achieve my goal, I was very close. Throughout the next 3 years of high school, I just need to complete about 60 more volunteer hours to reach my goal. This is reasonable because I was able to complete almost 100 hours in one summer. Since I am also planning on getting a part-time job during the summer I think It is reasonable for me to complete another 60 hours. Therefore, reaching my goal won't be extremely stressful because it is something I can manage to accomplish throughout the years with a job and a heavier work load.

T - I want to achieve my goal by the end of June 2018 (high school graduation).

Future Resume

Lakshmeet Sidhu

69 Village Lake Crescent | Brampton, Ontario L6S 6K1 | 905- 497-1648 |



To obtain a position as a Grade 3 teacher at Larkspur Public School


September 2018-March 2024

Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario

Completed Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts Degree

September 2014-June 2018

Louise Arbour Secondary School, Brampton, Ontario

OSSD completed

Work Experience

September 2023-Novemeber 2023

Teaching Assistant | Peel District School Board | Green Briar Elementary School

· Taught students a variety of subjects such as math, language and geography

· Solved disputes through mediating

· Adjusted methods of teaching to accommodate the child’s capabilities

June 2023-August 2023

Camp Counsellor | Brampton Flower City | Chinguacousy Wellness Centre

· Supervised children ages 4-13

· Established friendly relationships with the campers and camp counselors

· Acknowledged questions and helped clarify instructions

June 2018-August 2022

Soccer Coach | Brampton Flower City | Brampton Soccer Centre

· Coached a soccer team of 15

· Planned team schedules and drills

· Organized soccer tournaments

Honours and Awards

Brock University, June 2024

· Honour Role

· Student Teacher of the Year Award

· Student Tutor of the Year Award

Volunteer Experience

June 2022-March 2024

Peer Tutor | St. Catharines | Brock University

· Addressed students concerns

· Helped edit and revise work

· Clarified lessons taught by the professor

June 2018-August 2018

Girls Scout Leader | Brampton Flower City | Woodwind Cabins

· Monitored each scouts progress

· Arranged Girl Scouts meetings

· Led camping trips

Extracurricular Activities

September 2024-March 2024

President | Link Crew

· Encouraged group discussions

· Organized various events for new students

· Promoted the different clubs, teams and events available at Brock University


CPR | AED Level C | Canadian Red Cross

· Valid until May 2028

Babysitting | Canadian Red Cross

· Does not expire


Laura Williams

Grade 3 Teacher, Green Briar Elementary School

289 Green Leaf Rd, Brampton, ON, L9M 4M3


Ryan Lemon

Camp Manager, City of Brampton

Chinguacousy Wellness Centre

995 Peter Robertson BLVD. Brampton, ON, L6R 2E9


Mia Murry

Sports Coordinator, City of Brampton

Brampton Soccer Centre

1495 Sandalwood Pkwy E, Brampton, ON L6R 0K2


The Disadvantages of Teaching

Although there are many perks that come with being a teacher, there are still certain disadvantages to the job. One disadvantage to the job is stress that comes with marking work and students not doing their work. As a teacher you want the best for your students and you expect them to complete their assigned work so that you can give them feedback for improvement. By doing this, you understand what the student is struggling with and can work towards fixing the issue. However, when students do not hand in their work, teachers struggle to understand what the student needs help with. If students hand in their work late, teachers have to mark something that should have been done a long time ago and this can be frustrating. In order to prevent this, teachers can call home so that the students’ parents understand where he or she stands. They can also set final deadlines so that anyone who does not get their work in on time does not get a mark. This way students learn to hand in their work on time because they know the consequences for completing it late.

Another disadvantage that comes with being a teacher is the large number of students in one class. Every year, the number of students in a class changes and often times, more students are added to the class then deducted. For students, this might be fun because they get to make more friends however, for teachers this can be a hassle. Teachers are responsible for learning about their students so that they can accommodate each student’s needs. Usually, this requires getting to know the students individually. It becomes hard for teachers to meet each and every students needs on a daily basis with more than 20 students in each class. This way, teachers do not really know if their students are struggling with anything until they mark their tests or assignments and realize the child did poorly. For teachers, seeing poor results from their students can be disappointing because it is their job to make sure their students are well aware of what they are learning in class. It can be stressful, trying to think of new ways to ensure all their students understand what they are teaching and keep things fresh and fun at the same time. In order to overcome this disappointment or stress, teachers need to maintain a positive attitude. Not every student will understand their lesson, but as long as the teacher tries to talk to the student or tries to improve his or her lessons, he or she shouldn't be too harsh on themselves. If teacher’s realize their students are struggling, they can talk to them or have weekly checkups on their students to make sure they understand what they are being taught. If a teacher is struggling to accommodate his or her student’s needs, then there is no harm in asking others for help or talking about his or her struggles to someone else who can help.

Similarly, it can be difficult for teachers to teach large number of students with uncooperative students in the class. Uncooperative students don’t pay attention in class, distract others, cause fights and do not hand in their work on time. For teacher’s dealing with these students can be very stressful, especially when they do not take responsibility for their actions. As a teacher you must complete several different tasks daily and sometimes you are not in the mood to deal with uncooperative students. When students distract other classmates, it becomes hard for them to understand what the teacher is saying and it becomes hard for the teacher to teach. With a busy schedule, the last thing a teacher wants is to be breaking up fights or getting her students to pay attention. When certain students do not understand, the teacher has to explain the concepts again. Uncooperative students ruin their classmates learning and their own learning. It becomes hard for the teacher to ensure that they do good if they put in no effort. Luckily, there are multiple ways of dealing with kids who are uncooperative. Teachers can send these students to the office if they are too much of a distraction towards others or if they do not feel like dealing with them. They can move the student to a different location in the room or call home. Usually after dealing with students like this, teachers still tend to be stressed or upset. As a result, teachers need to learn to cope with stress at home and they can do this by going home and doing something they love to take their mind off of the day. Another way of resolving this conflict is by talking to a therapist. By talking to a therapist, teachers can learn to take care of their stress and deal with uncooperative students at their workplace.