Secret Life of Bees

Sue Monk Kidd, Chapter 1 By Alex Vega and Rashaan Scott

''The queen,for themost part,in the unifying force of the community;if she is removed from the hive, the workers very quickly sense her absence. After a few hours,or even less,they show unmistakable signs of queenlessness."

 When there is no leader present, people tend to either abuse their lack of control or they go crazy with the reality of none. Bees, like humans, need a leader to maintain and enforce productivity in the workplace or even in basic living conditions. It is by reaction that bees sense the absense just as humans do.

"It's time you knew what happenned to her, and I want you to hear it form me. Not from people out there talking. "

These days, it is hard to find the source of a rumors. People tend to get others to tell others what they have to say which completely avoids confrontation but triggers miscommunication. It is better in all ways for a source or someone who is of trust to tellnot only the truth, but what really happened. People often twist the truth because they heard wrong, or they are biased.

"Stole it from a church."

In the book, Rosaleen stole a fan from church. We can infer that the fan belonged to a white lady considering the speech that consisted of the words," white lady fan". Rosaleen admits to stealing the fan after she is asked where she got it from. Which comes to the irony of stealing something from church.
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