Jabberwockies Pet Sitting Service!!

We will take care of any pets even your Jellyfish!

Our service will knock your pets socks off! (if they have any)

Our service consists of three co-managers,Chisolm , Maxine , and Beara. We are different from other companies because we have many caring employees. Our organization makes sure your pets have an enjoyable time away from their loving owners. We ensure your pets vacation days are satisfactory. And further more we will pet-sit just about any animal you have. When you can't find anyone to pet-sit you cow, you can call Jabberwockies.


We have extensive outdoor and indoor space, it's even bigger than most zoo's! We have huge animal habitats and treats for all animals. Even though we are in Gatlandberg and France (two locations) we take animals from all over the world. Our prices range and to find out the right price for your pet, call us! The thing that setts us apart from other pet sitting services is, we have extremely large aquariums and rooms for almost any animal, including cages for spiders to lions.

Great Deals

Friday, Dec. 19th, 8:30pm to Saturday, Dec. 20th, 10:30pm

France St

Nice, PACA

We will pet sit for only one dollar every hour! Please call or email us if you want this great deal.