Harrison Happenings

December 8-12

This week in Room 300...

It is hard to believe that we only have 2 more weeks left before our 2 week Christmas break! I want us to continue to work as hard as possible these remaining weeks so that we can be prepared for the second nine weeks wrapping up right after winter break. In math, we are continuing to learn about 3D shapes. This week, we are learning how to compare them by which can slide, stack, and roll. In ELA, we will learn the letter sounds R and S, as well as the lightning words: have, will, do. I encourage you to continue practicing the sounds and lightning words at home with your child every single night to ensure a great report card! We will also be talking about reindeer this week and completing some fun reindeer writing!

Santa Shop

You should have received a notice about the Santa Shop last week. This Thursday during related arts, students will have the opportunity to shop in the Santa Shop. It has lots of goodies for mostly under $5.00 (some are as low as $1.00!). If you would like for your child to do their Christmas shopping in the Santa Shop, please send their money by Thursday along with the list of who they need to buy for. If you do not want your child to shop, that is completely fine. They will stay in computer lab to complete activities instead. Please e-mail me with any questions about this before Thursday.

Recess attire

As you all know, the weather is definitely getting colder! We want to take students out to recess as often as possible to give them time to play. They need it and deserve it!! :) We shorten recess or don't take them out if it is TOO cold, but most days it is ok. To ensure that your child gets time to run around with friends, please send them with large jackets, gloves, hats, etc if you have them. They always have the option to take them off if it is not very cold, but it is better for them to have the option to wear them regardless. If your child is not dressed appropriately for the weather, we cannot send them outside.

Lightning word notebooks

Please note: The golden envelope must stay attached to the notebook at all times. If you take it off and leave it at home, Mrs. Wilson does not have a place to put the new flashcards each week. Please keep that on the notebook, and it will help us and you to keep teaching those words to the students!


  • Please sign your child's homework/behavior chart daily
  • Send a note/money for ice cream when you want your child to purchase it
  • Send December snack money if you have not already
  • Wear sneakers on Friday for PE