Challenge One-Day Practicum

How to mentor our students in the middle & high school years

Come join our conversation as we explore the world of Challenge!

Challenge One-Day Practicum

Saturday, Oct. 25th, 9am-4pm

14944 Dupree Worthey Rd

Harvest, AL


FREE (Bring a friend!)


Please be sure to arrange for child care as we are unable to offer child care options at this event.

Morning Session: [9am-noon] Overview of Classical Education in the middle and high school years. (AKA - What are the Dialectic and Rhetoric Stages anyways?!)

Break for Lunch: [noon-1pm] Please bring a lunch.

Afternoon Session: [1pm-4pm] Challenge Parent and Student Success – 101

Classical Conversations

Equipping homeschool parents in classical education, so that we all might know God, and make Him known.