JSD Year 1 Newsletter

Friday 14 November 2014

This Week

We have:

  • written weekend news using past tense vocabulary
  • rehearsed the days of the week, thinking about the order
  • talked about mathematical vocabulary (fast, quick and slow)
  • recorded the temperatures in the Hague, the North Pole and South Pole on bar charts throughout the week
  • read the story 'The Emperor's Egg' by Martin Jenkins
  • created a huge Earth for our polar regions displays

Next Week

We will:

  • share the work that has been completed so far in Year 1
  • compare, describe and solve mathematical problems for length and height
  • start our focus on the 17 different types of penguins in the world
  • start our rehearsals for the Key Stage 1 Christmas Performance

Reading in Year 1

This week the children were shown the new book bands system for reading books. Mrs Clow demonstrated how the children can select three books for themselves each week. Starting next week the children will choose their own three books from their allocated box. These books will be put into their reading folders three times during the week.

All children will read individually at least once a week and they will take part in one guided reading session, however those books will not be sent home.

Please note: The reading records must be signed so that we know the book can be changed. Also, your child may wish to choose a book that they have already enjoyed before. This is okay from time to time and we shall monitor this.

Costumes for the Gruffalo's Child Performance

All of the roles have been allocated for this year's KS1 performance. Over the coming weeks you may wish to start looking out for items that your child could wear.

Here are the different roles. Please check your child's role (listed next to their name in the script).

Narrators: will be trees and bushes creating the forest - wear brown or green trousers and brown or green long sleeve tops

Snakes: wear red, orange or yellow trousers and red, orange or yellow long sleeve tops

Gruffalo/Gruffalo's Children: wear brown trousers and brown long sleeve tops

Mice: grey or white trousers and grey or white long sleeve tops

Foxes: orange trousers and orange long sleeve tops

Please try to avoid tops with logos or writing. Please send them in to school (labelled) in a named plastic bag before Friday 28 November.

If you have any items that you would be willing to offer as spares for other children we would be most grateful.

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