The Potawatomi Nation

The Fire Keepers

Past History

The Potawatomies where forsed to move to from there property. There children had less time to play. They had to work more.

Present history

The Potawatomi people Michigan State ,Wisconsion ,Midwest ,Lillinosey, India, Ohio ,Ontrio, Caynada. They live in regens.they live in tribes still.


The Potawatomi people didn't have much to where much, but they had clothes. They wore moccasins,feathers,face pant,ribon shirts,head jackets,and regular shirts made of wool.


There rectangle lodge shaped like rectangles.they have little huts and they are called gwgilam.


Potawatomi people used spears,and bow and arrows . They used these tools, throwing borads and sticks and stones . they used spears to hunt and fish.

Interesting Facts

They  play with dolls.Also its a tradishonal to do dancing. The women carried there babies in craddle borads on there backs.They made art work on how they felt and who they where.


The Potawatomi tribe played with dolls. They play double shinny it is a game where it is like ladder cross. Agian it was the olden days they had not munch to play.