Animal Experimentation

Is animal testing ever justified?

Imagine a world without cures and every disease being deadly. Scientists have to use animals to find cures instead of using involuntary humans. Using animals such as monkeys for research can help millions of people.

Chimpanzees have similar attributes as humans

  • The neural systems in humans is closer to a chimpanzee
  • Scientists will know if the medicine will have side affects
  • Find out if cure works
  • Mainly chimpanzees are used
  • Prevented the use of involuntary humans
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Testing on animals has helped millions of lives

  • Medicines have been found
  • Increase the chance of living from deadly diseases
  • Cancer treatments found
  • Mental disabilities therapy have been found
  • Increased the understanding of the diseases
  • Still helping contributing today

Animals have feelings and suffer

  • Helped many humans combat illness
  • Many children are saved because of research
  • Many medicines come from the help of animals
  • Could had helped you without knowing it

Animal testing are being used for a good cause