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Done by: Alreem Alsuwaidi

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Hard drive


  • · A hard drive is a disk drive used for storing the most important information.

Purpose of a hard drive:

  • · The purpose of hard drive is to hold for long term storage both the software that runs your computer, and one of them is called Operating system.



  • · A SSD is a storage device that is much greater at speed.

Purpose of SSD:

  • SSD is known as solid state drive, it is used to place a hard drive because it is much faster and greater

Optical disk drive


  • · An optical drive is a type of computer disk drive that reads and writes data from optical disks.

What Does an Optical Disk Drive Do?

  • · An optical disk drive is a storage device that uses light or lasers to store information.



  • · A device used for observing, checking, or keeping a continuous record of something.

Purpose of monitor:

  • · The purpose of a computer monitor is to display text and graphics produced by computer programs and to provide a visual interface for computer users.



  • · CPU is known as central processing unit and it is the brain of the computer. It handles all the instructions you give your computer.

Purpose of CPU:

  • · The purpose of the CPU is to process data. It is where all the searching, sorting, calculating and decision making takes place in the computer.



  • · RAM is known as random access memory, which is a type of memory in which a reader can go to a specific item without having to start at the beginning.

Purpose of RAM:

  • · The purpose of RAM is to store things you are working on for quick access later on.



  • · Motherboard is the main board of your computer.

Purpose of motherboard

  • · The purpose of motherboard is to provide the connection between all other computer parts.



  • · An input or output device is a hardware device that has the ability to process data, media, and devices techniques.

Touch screen


  • Touch screen is a display device that you can control by touching the screen by a pen or a finger. Most phones, ipad, and laptop can do this.

operating system


  • · An operating system is software that supports computer basic functions like controlling every important thing.

Purpose of operating system:

  • · The operating system is the most important software that runs on a computer, and without it the computer won’t work. An operating system is responsible about all the basic computer functions.

Tim Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee was born in London, England. He was one of the most important people that were responsible for leading the development of the World Wide Web. He graduated in Physics from Oxford University in 1976. All of those important developments took place between 1989 and 1991.

Alan Turing

Alan Turing was born on 23 June 1912 in London, England .He died when he was 41 years old on June 7, 1954.He graduated from Princeton University in London. He had so many jobs and one of the most important and clever job he had was being a computer scientist.

The four generations of computers

The first generation of computers:

  • · The first generation was held between 1945-1955.Most computers in that time was made up of vacuum tubes. ENIAC is known as the Electronic Numerical Integration and Calculator and it was designed in 1943.

The second generation of computers:

  • · The second generation of computers was held between 1955-1965 . In that time Transistors were invented it was small, fast, and more reliable. Transistors really helped developing computers.

The third generation of computers:

  • · The third generation of computers started using programs like operating system and other software.

The fourth generation of computers:

  • · Microprocessor came into existence in the fourth generation of computers. It became reliable more than all others generation. At last it gave a rise to personal computers.