Here's the Sitch

Written by Lilliana Alvarado

Anna's Quince

Eight years. Thats a long time! Naturally I was nervous to see everyone I once went to school with. Anna's Quincenera was on Saturday and when I first got there I met and talked to some of the girls, then me and Jacklyn went upstairs and said hi to Dante and Anna. When I saw anna she looked so beautiful and she was so happy I was there but she was busy so I had to go back downstairs. Later when she came down with her court and it was so pretty and a little awkward, Dante looked so cute in his tux, and Anna looked so glorious in her dress I couldn't! After the percession Anna came over to me and we hugged like crazy and I almost cried!

Anna's Quince

Saturday, Dec. 5th, 6pm

Alvin TX

Two a Month or All At Once?

Last year I signed up for a reading challenge on Goodreads to read 24 books. It's now December and I have read 25, during the summer in one week I read five books!

  1. To sign up for the challenge you must first make a Goodreads account.
  2. Go to Reading Challenge tab
  3. Create your challenge!
Its as simple as that!


So, recently I lost my wallet. So if you see it. Let me know.
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Click This!

Just trust me :)



So, here's the thing.... THEY FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER!!!!! jfiwahgirenajkgnrioaenfiodahzafndaekjnjre (sorry excuse my fangirling)

In september I started to pay more attention to the Vamps on Twitter because I knew their new album was coming out soon, but nobody knew any details about it at all. Right before their new single Wake Up came out they were doing a Q and A and I asked if they would follow me if as soon as I could I bought the song. They never favorited the tweet, retweeted, or responded so I just figured they didn't. It wasn't the first time that I had tried. I bought the song anyways. Two weeks later i checked my email and saw that I had one that said they followed me and afidhsuifhjrkfqijodhsauihvudiwhufienwja, I just couldn't! I almost cried because I also have At Sunset following me! In January The Vamps and At Sunset are doing a concert together but only in Australia and I kind of want to cry because I can't go!

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