Ludwing van Beethoven(1770-1827)

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Beethoven's adult life

When Beethoven was 28 years old, just before writing his first symphony, he began to lose his hearing. He tried several treatments, at first, there were periods where he could hear. However, during the last decade of his life, he lost his hearing completely. He still continued to lead rehearsals and play the piano in 1814. He heard the music by feeling its vibrations.
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Germany Map

Germany is a country in Europe. Its where Beethoven is from. As you can see, it is near other countries as well. It is near France, Hungray, Turkey, Italy, and more. The city Beethoven is from is Bonn Germany. Its is on the banks of the Rhine and northwest of the Siebengebirge in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia.
Beethoven: Symphony No 3 in E flat major, 'Eroica' - BBC Proms 2012 (Daniel Barenboim)

Symphony No 3(Eroica)

In 1804, Beethoven completed his Symphony No 3 Eroica. It was dedicated to the First Consul of France, Napoleon Bonaparte. This Symphony is not really about Napoleon, not even about the memory of Beethoven. Its about music-how notes are put together into musical cells, group of cells, phrases, and more.

Beethoven Other Known Music

In total, Beethoven composed 9 symphonies. However, he is also known for Symphony No 6(Pastorale), which was composed in 1808. Its one of the world's greatest symphonies. He is also known for Symphony No 9 which was premiered in Vienna in 1824. It was a Ode to Joy symphony. Last but not least, Beethoven is also known for Symphony No 5 which was back in 1808.

Beethoven Other Facts and Stories.

When Beethoven was 17 years old, he made his first trip to Vienna. It was the city that would become his home. In Vienna, Beethoven was quickly immersed in the life of Europe's Cultural Capital, even by playing the piano for Mozart.