Nord's Newsletter

November 17-25


It seems as if we have been working on visualizing FOREVER. The students are doing awesome in this unit, and we will conclude it this week. Then we will have a little fun with some Thanksgiving books before break to review the comprehension skills we learned so far this year.


Last week, we worked on reading a ruler to the nearest inch and 1/2 inch. The students are pretty good with reading to the inch. The challenge can be deciding which side of the ruler to use. That can be tricky when the marks are on it for 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4.

This week, we'll be using a tape measure to measure other items besides flat things. We will also be working with dominoes again and using them to complete part, part, total frames. Basically this reminds me of fact family practice. By the end of the week, the students will be learning to tell time on the quarter-hour. It looks like we will have a busy day in math learning a variety of topics.

Fact Practice: IF you are interested in having your child practice with addition or subtraction facts, please have them use the website extra math.
Once at the website, either login at the green student tab or purple Classroom tab.

My email:
Class code: syjdlfn5

You will need to either ask your child their pin number or email me personally and I'll share their pin number with you.

Friday~Math Games

On Fridays, we take a break from learning a new skill or concept. We focus our time on reinforcing our current skill(s) with games.


We started a new unit on Healthy Bodies. The learning target is..."I can explain what my body needs to be healthy." Last week, we discuss the 5 essential components to stay healthy; sleep, wash hands, eat healthy foods, exercise, & drink water. This week, we will focus on the healthy diet and the food groups.


We will be talking about the different parts of speech; nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Weekly Schedule

Monday: PE
**5th Grade Buddies**
Tuesday: Music
Wednesday: Library
**Late Start**
Thursday: Art
Friday: Music and PE

Thanksgiving FUN

On Tuesday, November 25, first graders will be rotating for 20 minutes between the 4 sections to do a Thanksgiving activity. This is a great way for the students to be with each of the other teachers, and I am able to know more of the other 1st graders too. To end our day, we will have Pumpkin Fluff. But I need your HELP with the ingredients.

The items our class needs:

Regular Cool-whip (32 oz.)
Instant Vanilla Pudding (10 oz)
Dixie Cups (around 30)
Plastic spoons (around 30)
2 boxes of graham crackers

I will need the items by Monday (24th). Your child can bring them to school or you can drop them off! Please email me if you are willing to help donate to help make Pumpkin Fluff!!