Abortion! Should it be Illegal?

By: Omid Hosseinmardi

Should abortion be illegal?

My Opinion

Abortion should not be illegal because if a woman was raped or any other fault for their child they should be able to not keep it and remember what happened every time they see that child, or even if the woman isn't ready to have a baby even though she had consensual sex with someone.

Background Info

Laws on abortion usually differ between states most of which make it very difficult to get an abortion. In Texas the current law is "In the summer of 2011, the Texas Legislature passed a bill that requires women to have an ultrasound at least 24 hours before she has an abortion… the first being for an ultrasound.the state passed a law titled "Women's Right To Know Act" that requires physicians to give women seeking abortions state-mandated information about medical risks, adoption alternatives, and developmental stages of the fetus.” Which makes it hard because getting an ultrasound would make you feel more attached to the fetus creating an even harder choice to get an abortion. But no matter what each state has people fighting the rules for abortion, trying to get the laws changed in their favor. Women are the most affected by this exchange of laws and unfair treatment to their situations even though they have a hard time as it is.


As stated by Sarah Dutton "Murder is classified as the killing of another human being under law. However, under the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973 and U.S. law, abortion is legally a woman's decision. That means if someone believes the existence and fetal viability of the fetus within their body is in danger, they have the option and choice to either abort or continue the pregnancy. Therefore, abortion is not legally murder." This supports the fact that it is not murder because if danger can come from continuing the pregnancy than why would you keep it if you could gain harm, giving you the right to decide what the correct thing to do is.

Another argument used by USA Today-Newspaper "While half the states mandate a waiting period, usually 24 hours, between counseling and an abortion, three -- Missouri, South Dakota and Utah -- require a wait of 72 hours, and women must show up in person both times. If clinics are far away, that translates to at least two days off work." States keep making it more and more difficult to get an abortion. making the women come multiple times to talk about the child and getting an abortion, trying to make them feel attached so that deciding to go ahead with the abortion is harder than needed almost forcing them not to get it.

Sarah Dutton has much information about abortion and people have given her quotes to help her prove her point that women should be able to have the choice to have an abortion.Just like this quote from her article "Some might go as far to say that aborting a fetus is similar to a mother cat killing their young in the circumstance that they feel their kitten is not fit to survive or any human taking a loved one off of life support. Senior Daisy Grant said, "If someone is on life support and their social support deems the situation too strenuous in all perspectives for the individual to continue living, they typically take them off of life support."" Proving the fact that abortion is like taking your loved one of life support, knowing that they won't have a chance to live their life what do you do, you should give them relief and let them go so they don't have to suffer.

Sarah Dutton writes that "According to The Journal of the American Medical Association, a fetus does not have the capability of sensing pain due to the fact that their neural development has not yet matured enough for a connection between the cerebral cortex and thalamus to allow the fetus an acknowledgement of pain." So pretty much if a fetus can't even feel what your doing whats the harm that is being done? yes you may consider this murder but think about it The fetus is not born it hasn't even developed those main nervous system organs. so if you are letting something not continue to develop that hasn't develop yet is like deleting an essay before it's even started to be written yet, which doesn't make sense because you haven't done anything yet so there is nothing to delete.

One last point that Sarah Dutton says "To say people who support or who have had abortions are "selfish bigots" is inexcusable. They put themselves at higher risks of health problems and still continue to go through with the procedure. To say these people are bigots, is ironic and toxic." This is Ironic because when a Pro-Life supporter says a Pro-choice is a bigot they are saying how Pro-Choice doesn't listen to any other reasons why they should have no choice for an abortion. Even though Pro-Life supporters are stubborn to listen to any other arguments on whether or not you should have a choice on the abortion. People that get Abortions have to think long and hard because getting an abortion is not easy it leaves are mark in your life, so how could you be selfish when your risking you well being to stop something that could bring much more harm into a life.

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Chart Explanation

This chart shows that more people are beginning to see the light side of Pro-Choice. Most being women but proving that more people see that the correct thing to do is too see that everyone should at least have a choice. Democrats have always been the group to follow people that can have a choice to do what they want and not be forced to do something even if they don't want to.

Counter Argument

Kyle Waltman points out that "...according to the Center for Disease Control, 91.3 percent of abortions occurred during the first trimester, or first 12 weeks, in 2012, we will focus on this particular developmental period. According to the Endowment for Human Development, between three and four weeks after conception, an unborn-child's heart begins to beat..." Which explains the fact that most people don't consider the fact that the fetus is starting to grow and develop as a human. The fetus begins to live and if you abort knowing this information, you are technically murdering you child, before it even had a chance.