Vision Of The Year..

Roy Cloud School

Who will be there: Primary, Secondary , and Key Stake Holders...Our envisionaries...

Vision of The Year

Roy Cloud Elementary School 3790 Red Oak Way Redwood City, CA 94062 

Light snacks and beverages provided from the


Saturday December 5th @ 11:00

Parents, Community Members, Staff, and Board Members..

We will be discussing How and Why we are Updating or vision and what it entails. Come to discuss our fundamental beliefs of our school.

  • Ideas that are understood and shared by members of the community
  • Broad enough to include a diverse variety of local perspectives and staff
  • Inspiring and uplifting to everyone involved in the effort
  • Easy to communicate and delicate.. all ideas are important

"Organizations benefit from understanding how leadership engages followers in day-to-day activities because the outcome of this act contributes to the organizations ability to be effective" (Savage-Austin, A. R., & Honeycutt, A. (2011)).

We will be brainstorming key ideas in groups (which will be organized) and making posters with those key ideas, then we will reflect on those posters and each group will comment and add or rephrase other ideas.

We will be video taping and Chrome casting this event to our district office for stakeholders who can not make the meeting.

All stakeholders roles have importance and same weight. Groups will be determined and leadership in groups will rotate through out the discussion.

Sign up sheets for stakeholders to visit the classrooms and get first hand experience in "what goes on during a school day"...

There will be a list of prior generated questions which have our schools vision in mind, a fill in. Data will also be collected during the visits and discussed to elaborate on our vision statement. All members of the meeting will be treated with respect as be respected for ideas and statements. There will be opportunities to meet with staff and member of our community. Past vision(s) will be examined in a power point presentation.

Roy Cloud Elementary School 3790 Red Oak Way Redwood City, CA 94062  650.482.2414

Other Important Dates:

Roy Cloud (Grades K - 8) - to schedule, call 482-2414

All tours begin at 8:45am

October dates: Oct 14, Oct 21, Oct 28
November dates: Nov. 4


Savage-Austin, A. R., & Honeycutt, A. (2011). Servant leadership: A phenomenological study of practices, experiences, organizational effectiveness, and barriers. Journal of
Business & Economics Research, 9
(1), 49-54. Retrieved from the ProQuest database in the Ashford University Library