South Elementary Unites

To Teach or Not to Teach to the Test

South Elementary

South Elementary, led by principal Fred Canter, is a high-performing elementary school with dedicated teachers and committed parents. The students of South Elementary are part of a successful learning community where they consistently perform well on a variety of mandated tests.

School Board Policy Update

Recently, the school board in South Elementary's school district updated its policies on student test preparation. The new policy mandates a "drill and kill" teaching method where teachers MUST focus their curriculum and instruction strictly on material that will be found on state tests. Teachers are also required to spend the majority of their time administering practice tests to improve student scores, particularly in the district's low-performing schools.

Letters to the School Board

Decision Time

After two separate letters of discontent, one from the teachers of South Elementary and the other from the parents, Principal Canter has no choice but to present their dissension to the school board. He is torn between respecting the views of his staff and parents and asking to be exempt from a new school board policy.