Police Officer

Shaun Kristensen Individual Career Plan


As a freshman in high school my most interested career path would be law enforcement. Someone that influenced me to choose this career would be my uncle because of the personal experiences he has gone through. I feel like I could be a good fit for this because of all my family members that pursue this career themselves. Football can be connected to this by it keeping me in shape and conditioning myself for a future career like a police officer. My career goal is to become a Police Officer because I would enjoy working for my city and helping to make it a better place.


The responsibilities of a police officer focus on protecting people and property. Police officers are responsible for people lives and protecting their community from crime. Police officers are responsible for people lives and protecting their community from crime. In the text it said, “They patrol the areas they are assigned, which sometimes include entire jurisdictions, respond to calls, enforce laws, and make arrests issue citations, and occasionally testify in court case.”(“How to Become a Police Officer”) This quote means the police have many duties regarding keeping the community safe. Police officers responsibilities require a lot of work because our lives as the community can be at risk.

Income & Earnings

The income and earnings are fair for a police officer but for what they do for us should be more. The average salary for a police officer in present day is around $48,000 per year. A skill in leadership is needed for higher pay in this line of work. “What you earn will depend on several factors.” (Criminal Justice USA) These include the agency you work for, location, performance, and amount of experience. As a police officer your salary and earnings can increase as you get older and earn experience over time instead of working less and decreasing pay.

Education & Training

Many agencies in criminal justice have different education requirements. Some agencies require only a high school diploma while others require some college course work or a degree. Many encourage their officers to take law enforcement related courses throughout their career. Earning an associate degree in criminal justice will usually allow you to meet the educational requirements.

Most training needed is knowledge of the law, criminal justice system, and criminal behavior. Also agencies will have their own unique requirements. “The majority of agencies will have a training academy through a local college, university, nearby, or larger agency’s academy.”(Police and Law Enforcement) Through the academy you will receive training in areas such as defensive tactics, driving, tactical, firearms, laws, and regulations. As an officer in training the more you go through and learn will benefit you and earn you a higher role as you go into your career.


The following research on becoming a police officer has not changed my opinion on joining. I may continue to enter this line of work because the requirements vary on experience. In my opinion joining a police force is still highly wanted as one of my future careers. I would still like to possible pursue this career because I would like to make an impact in my community and where I live.