"Monday" Memo

Week #34 - April 28, 2015

Dates to Note:

Tuesday, April 28:
  • Amphibian presentation for Toddlers & Primary (Wasn't it awesome?!)
  • Golf match @ Kendallville Golf Club - Go Falcons!
Thursday, April 30: Lower students heads to Camp "Pot-o-wat-o-mee" for the night!
Friday, May 1: Tricia taking a small group of UE students to IPFW
Monday, May 4: Track meet at Hamilton - Go Falcons!
Tuesday, May 5: All 4th years to DeKalb Memorial Hospital - Life is Cool presentation 12-2ish

April 30 - May 1: Lower Overnight to Camp Pot-oh-wat-o-mee (say it real fast)
Thursday, May 14: Toddler Trip to the Middle School, right?!
Monday, May 18: All of Primary to Salomon Farm (10:00-1:00)
Wednesday, May 20:
  • Upper 2 to Pokagon (overnight)
  • Kindergarteners to Black Pine 11:00-2:30
Thursday, May 21: Upper 1 to Pokagon (overnight)
Friday, May 22: Middle School to SkyZone 12:00-3:00

Earth Fest - Wrap Up!

Way to go, friends! Parking wasn't an issue - we had plenty of space and everyone dealt with the slight change in the routine with grace & courtesy! THANK YOU!


WOW! There was so much to do on campus - from the classroom work, crafts, community vendors, camp fire, farm tours, etc... The campus was still hopping at 6:15. Way to go, friends!

Janet has organized the following folks to be set up behind the Vic House:

Thanks for making this happen again, Janet! It is always great to learn from the local experts and let them be a part of our community.


WOOT-WOOT! Thanks, Bonnie for planning, organizing, and executing this year's Scholastic Book Fair! With the purchases that were made the school has earned over $1000 in FREE BOOKS for the libraries on campus! Way to go!!!


We met our minimum in sales... and they want to come back!! They did share that next time they will offer a different menu so the wait isn't so long - but... the wait was worth it - the food was delicious!


This event couldn't have gone on without EVERYONE'S participation. It truly was a community event! Here's to all of you! Thank you for making it possible for families to make memories on our beautiful campus!

Free Lunch Confession

I have a confession to make -

I, Macy McNaughton, have NOT emailed Anna Outten in regards to the FREE LUNCH she is organizing for the whole faculty.

What does this mean?! This means that I WILL NOT get a FREE, DELICIOUS meal on Friday, May 8... unless I email her by this FRIDAY, MAY 1.

I confess this to you so the other faculty members who have note yet contacted her will not feel alone in their forgetfulness. You are not alone... but you will be lunch-less if you don't email Anna by Friday. I am happy to make this easy for you - just reply to this email and then I will forward it to her her for you! That's the kind of gal I am! :) If you aren't sure if you have contacted her - you can either email either Anna or myself - we will let you know.

Your boxed lunch will include a wrap, a side, chips, cookies, and a bottle of water (please indicate if you need a gluten free wrap).

Meat choices

ham, turkey, or roast beef

Cheese choices

swiss, provolone, colby jack

Side choices (choose one)

potato salad, macaroni salad, fruit salad

Chip choices

plain or bbq

Soccer Coach Needed - a note from Andrea

We are looking for a soccer coach for the 2015 fall season. An understanding of soccer is a positive. Practice twice a week and about 9 games in the season that runs Mid-August to the beginning of October. This is a paid position. If you are interested please contact Andrea Deihl via email, phone, or smoke-signal.

End of the Year Photo Montage

Rather than publishing an end of the year newsletter we will be continuing the tradition of sharing with the community a "photo montage." Please share with me (Macy) some pictures of your last month of school - so all the great things that happen on your class trips, messy games, community activities, drum circles, etc, etc, etc.... Bring on as many pictures as possible - it would be nice to have at least 10 from each classroom/special.


Happy Birthday...

4/1 Tricia Weiss

4/30 Andrea Deihl

We all know how hectic the end of the year gets - here are the May celebrations too!

5/5 Ben Bollinger

5/21 Michal Miller

5/24 Debbie Kovets

5/28 Kim Green and Meghan Dohring