Sparks' Notes


What We Are Learning This Week

Great Expectation Life Principle: Cooperation

Math: Multiplication & Division (Homework: Mon. -Thur.)

Writing: Writing Fictional Stories

Reading: Elements of Fiction: Fairy Tales

(Homework: Read 20 minutes a night)

Language: Parts of Speech, Simple Subject & Predicate, and Compound Sentences

Spelling: Long & Short Vowels

(Homework: Spelling Contract - 40 points)

Library is every Tuesday. Don't forget your books!

Back to School Information

This folder contains helpful information about our classroom.

You've Won the Homework Lottery!

Each week, students have a chance to earn a Homework Lottery ticket through personal responsibility. Each morning, they must turn in their reading and math homework as well as their spelling contract with all points completed on Friday.

Congratulations to these students for showing responsibility! Each will receive a scratch-off Homework Lottery Ticket.

Chase, Cody, Danny, Kayla, Kaylin, Talia, Sydni, Belle, & Emily

Important!!! Be Sure to Join Us On:

Edmodo - Our Communication System & Protected Learning System

  1. Go to

  2. Have your student sign in. (Username and password are inside front agenda cover.)

  3. Scroll down the left side of the page until you see Parent Code. Write this code down.

  4. Logout (upper right corner, click on “Me” and select Logout).

  5. Go to and select “I’m a Parent” (under blue box that reads “I’m a Teacher”).

  6. Enter your student’s code and set up your account.

  7. Click here to see what features you see as a parent.

  8. Make sure to go Account (upper right corner, click on “Me”) and select "Settings". You can select to have email or text alerts for specific items.

Congratulations to these students for already signing up their parents!

*****Jesse, Chase, Maryori, Cody, Keivon, Kayla, Kaylin,*****

*****Talia, Sydni, Celeste, Belle, Malik, & Aidan*****

On our Edmodo site, you can see:

  1. Daily agenda (planner/calendar)

  2. Homework links (Folder->Classroom Information)

  3. Student progress

  4. Assignments

  5. Subject area links

  6. Coming soon - classroom pictures

Parent Portal Link for Checking Student Grades

To set up your account, enter your email address as your username. If you don't' remember your password, click the link. If at any time you are prompted for your student's ID number, just ask her/him to tell you her/his lunch number.

Parent Homework

Please do the following with your child:

  1. Check and sign agenda nightly.

  2. Check and sign reading log nightly.

  3. Check that math and spelling homework are completed nightly.

  4. Look through Tuesday folder and sign and return the next day (keep the work).

  5. Check out our YouTube Channel for helpful videos.

  6. Sign & return progress reports (every three weeks) and report cards (every nine weeks). A clean copy with be sent home for you to keep.

This Week's Spelling Skill and Rules

Each child needs her/his own set of earbuds or earphones to listen to the spelling test on Friday.

Skill: Long & Short vowels

  1. afraid

  2. magic

  3. champion

  4. restaurant

  5. ditch

  6. district

  7. recognize

  8. continent

  9. accomplish

  10. amuse

  11. graceful

  12. attitude

  13. freedom

  14. break

  15. oatmeal
  16. throat
  17. approach
  18. believe
  19. pretend
  20. twilight

Spelling tests will be in cursive. Students will be allowed to write in both print and cursive for about six weeks as we transition to this new skill. I have created and posted cursive handwriting video tutorials in Edmodo in the Handwriting and Homework Links folders.

Dates to Remember

September 5th - 15th

Register online for your child's Chromebook.

Week of September 15th

Freedom Week

Tuesday, September 16th

Progress Reports Sent Home - Please sign & return (or send email that you received it)

Thursday, Sept. 18th

Chromebooks distributed in class to students who already registered (registration link).

Sunday, Sept. 21st

Prestwick dedication at 2:30 pm

Tuesday, Sept. 23rd

PTA Meeting with Bicycle Rodeo & Ice Cream at 5:45

Watchdogs (Dads) Pizza Night at 7:00

Wednesday, Sept. 24th

Fourth Grade Field Trip to Elm Fork Education Center at U.N.T.

Thursday, Sept. 25th

Lifetouch Pictures

Special Notes:

  • Curriculum Night presentations are located on the campus website at this link.
  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser monies are due 9/29/14. Thank you for participating and raising funds to help our students!
Parent Volunteer Form

If you are able to help either in our classroom or preparing materials at home, please follow this link to fill out our classroom volunteer form. Thank you!