Thinking Third Graders!!!

Let's Explore our World...

Get Ready, Get Set, GO -

As summer ends, we are all filled with the excitement of a new beginning. Our new beginning is in fall of 2012 start of the school year. Get ready for a year filled with learning, writing, reading. Start your year off right by heading to our Kegoayah Kozga Library and start reading the Battle Books or any other you find interesting, practice your math facts or write in a diary. I am so excited to meet all of you and become part of a classroom community together. I'll see you soon!

Time is Precious

So let's be prepared

As we enter the new school year I plan on being prepared and ready to teach.

I expect you to be at school ready to learn.

-On time

-Well Rested

-Positive (good) attitude

-Willing to participate

Contact Information for Mrs. Colleen Johnson:

Please contact me at any time with questions or concerns or celebrations too!