A Wonderful World

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AI within our Community

With the constant evolution, and discoveries occurring within our scientific world, it is no surprise that we have now reached our goal of improving the world through various artificial intelligence's. The advances within the ethics and morality of AI from both robotic and human perspectives, have now opened up our communities to how truly ideal this experiment is, and why we have been striving towards it for so long. This program has been a on going process, and the final tweaks have just been made. The program consists of complete AI which allows us the machine-based artificial intelligence truly reason and become self-aware in this case in non-human-like form. It is an appropriately programmed computer which IS a mind. Our team of scientists have researched the steps toward the evolution, hypothesizing that this is a major step in the intelligent design theory. This indicates that the work we have completed is a product of an "intelligent designer", just as many people see humans. A wonderful world is just a scientific step away, and this step is up to you, will you let several AI's into your life and world? A positive change and effects on the Eco-system, as well as countering multiple disabilities, illnesses, and even having a flowing conversation with those who can't even talk, are just a simple 'yes' away.

Environmental Improvement

With our goal of artificial intelligence now reached, scientists at this time are able to use robots or other devices to clean up the environment, and reduce the effects of air and water pollution. Artificial intelligence's with strong ethical beliefs paired with advanced software programs will allow these machines to make a distinction between natural and biologically friendly organisms and potential poisons like acid or hazardous waste. Tiny bacteria will consume waste products and leave good biological matter intact, minimizing damage to the ecosystem.

Roboethics is very prominent in this software, as it is an applied ethics where scientific/cultural/technical tools are shared by different social groups and beliefs, to create morals for the program. These tools promote and encourage usage of AI Robotics in the advancement of human society and individuals, and help preventing its misuse against humankind. Roboethics will be seen in this AI advancement, as the machine will believe it is morally correct to protect our eco system, and in the long run, the human race.

This intelligent software can also limit the damage of air pollution from Industrial, companies and processes. As factories burn fuel, they release waste in the form of gases. These artificial intelligence programs will be able to identify patterns during the burning off process and modify the manufacturing processes to minimize pollution. This software will also be able to capture dangerous chemicals before they end up in the air outside.

Robotic Servants or Robotic Saviors ?

When thinking about letting artificial intelligence’s to enter your life, many just think about what they can get out of it. One of the most highly requested devices is for families to enjoy the perks of robotic servants to handle housekeeping tasks. These intelligent robots will not only clean your living room and do the dishes, but may also tackle jobs like assembling furniture or caring for kids and pets. Through the use of artificial intelligence software, these machines will be able to recognize and sort objects, and even learn to minimize future mistakes as they work. These robots will be ideal, just like the 'mechas' seen in the film AI - During the film the human race keeps advancing, reaching the point of creating realistic robots (called mechas) to serve them-. But through the current advancement, Robotic assistants not only stand to benefit the average family, but may also offer help to the elderly or disabled. Through voice-recognition software, these personal servants will guide the blind or even fetch items on command, and will always be at assistance due to not having to sleep or taking a sick day. Artificial intelligence can also improve the overall human experience by expanding the limits of the mind and body. As humans incorporate more and more technology into their everyday lives, if needed this AI software offers the opportunity to eliminate disabilities, and even stop death due to illnesses.

Artificial Human & 'Angel'

Artificial Human
One of the mecha-producing companies builds David, an artificial kid which is the first to have real feelings, especially a never-ending love for his "mother", Monica.

Artificial Angel

When Teddy, a robotic teddy bear is introduced to David, he takes it upon himself to care for David's well being. Throughout the film, Teddy and David do a lot together, such as helping one another get out of sticky situations. Often, the robotic bear is symbolic to an angel, of Davids own kind, sent down to protect him.

AI teddy

Could robots take over?

Although many are excited about this amazing change and the benefits of smart robots, others worry that these robots could someday enslave humanity. According to military expert Robert Finkelstein, this situation is highly unlikely for multiple reasons. One of the major reasons is that robots have no survival instinct of their own, nor can they beat entropy. Entropy simply is that everything dies or erodes, which makes entropy a fact of life. Everything erodes whether it is a shore line, a city or even life, everything must die or fall apart. This one philosophical thought, could rub out the robots as they are unable to reproduce and repair themselves without human help. Also, robots will never take over the Earth as long as humans maintain control in the form of a kill-switch that's impossible for the robots to beat.
A logical example of how robots can not take over is:
P1: Creations can never overcome creators
P2: Robots were created by humans
Conclusion: Robots can never overcome humans

Another example of how unlikely it is for robots to take over, is the dinner scene in the film Artificial Intelligence. Martin (a human boy, and Monica's real son) has been trying to get David into trouble in a number of ways. First, he persuades David into eating a pile of spinach, which causes David to malfunction and need cleaning. Without help from his creator, humans, David's system would of crashed, and he could not fix himself.

Life Saver

While robotic servants offer the certain wow factor, artificial intelligence in medicine is now able to help doctors detect diseases and save lives. Medical centres are now able to rely on special software to examine hearts and stop heart attacks before they occur. Artificial muscles feature smart technology that allows them to function more like real muscles, and one of the most impressive intelligent devices is a AI which can distinguish between life-saving medications and fake or tainted pills. Though the most exciting aspect of smart medical technology is the use of robotic surgery assistants, who can not only pass the correct tools to doctors, but also keep track of these tools and learn about a doctor's preferences. Even a primary care physician can benefit from artificial intelligence, with software that tracks changes in health records to diagnose patients or warn doctors of potential risk factors and problems with medications.

In the beginning of the film Martin is seen in a suspended animation, an AI device that slows the life processes by external means without termination , as he is suffering a rare disease, this is only until a cure can be found. Later in the film a cure is found for Martin and he is brought home. Although it is not directly mentioned, it is assumed with the notable advancement in technology just before he is cured, that a 'mecha' assisted in find a cure for his rare disease.

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Life Saving

Artificial intelligence also has the ability to save lives, outside of the hospital bed. Now in work with the US army, multiple machines have been manufactured to be able to search the aftermath of a disaster for those in need. On top of that, a machine has been made to help get the larger AI's into holes, and crevices. Through the work of these machines, more people have been aided and rescued; this includes many, who the human workers could not see through the smoke or rubble.
Watch the below link to see the miracle machines !

How Robots Help Search And Rescue Teams


With the amazing advances noted above, are you ready to say yes?
Through doing so, you have just saved multiple lives, and assisted the elderly or/and those with mental illnesses or disabilities.


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