2016 Read Across the Planet

Celebrating National Reading Month Across the Planet!

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Genesee County Students preparing to READ ACROSS THE PLANET!

Celebrate 15 years of Read Across the Planet!

Read Across the Planet is a celebration of NEA’s Read Across America. Classrooms use interactive video to connect with other classrooms “around the planet” and read to each other. The activity is sponsored by TWICE and Polycom, in cooperation with NEA.

TWICE provides the registration tool, matches classrooms with partners, and provides support documents. Participating classrooms are responsible for their own video connection and developing their own reading activities for the event.(Disclaimer: While we are using this name to be inclusive to our international friends, this name does NOT guarantee U.S. schools an international connection. They will be matched randomly as usual in this project.)

This activity is open to all K-12 students (ages 5-18) in public and private schools who have access to two-way interactive video equipment(IP H.323). There is NO CHARGE for this event.

How students are participating...

The activity is open to ALL elementary, middle school and high school students.

  • Classes have been matched by TWICE with classes from a different location, and each class will exchange reading activities.
  • Important: Instructors have committed to the event. Unless an extenuating circumstance occurs, it will be very difficult finding a replacement partner for connections at the last minute.

Read Around the Planet Activity Timeline

  • Teachers Registered December 1, 2015 – January 15, 2016.
  • In late January, TWICE matched classes
  • Partner contact information was e-mailed to teachers on January 26, 2015
  • Events have been scheduled for connecting by the Genesee ISD Video Team, followed by video testing and confirmation.
  • Classroom teachers will NOT need to test the connection prior to the day of the event; the GenNET Video Team will take care of this!
  • Connections are taking place February 22-March 4, 2016.
The Read Across the Planet Teacher Info Packet

Everything you may want to know to get students in your classroom ready to meet students just like them "across the planet!"

Current Genesee County Schools Registered for Read Across the Planet

Registration is open through January 11, 2016. Thus far the following GenNET Schools have registered to participate in Read Across the Planet:

  • Bentley Barhitte Elementary School: With Rual Hall, North Carolina (20 Students)
  • Flint Freeman Elementary School: With Fargeville, New York (60 students)
  • Goodrich Reid and Oaktree Elementary Schools: With Rural Hall, North Carolina and Amarilo, Texas (47 students)
  • Grand Blanc Indian Hill Elementary, Mason Elementary and Myers Elementary: With Dayton-Ohio, Glen Rose-Texas, Columbia-South Carolina, Wichita-Kansas, Cornwall-New York (260 Students)
  • LakeVille Columbiaville Elementary: With Cornwall-New York (31 students)
  • Lake Fenton Torrey Hill Elementary: With Elmira-New York (28 students)
  • Swartz Creek Syring Elementary: With Wichita-Kansas (60 students)
  • Westwood Heights: Hamady Middle/High School with Sugar Land-Texas and Houston-Texas (36 Students)


Read Across the Planet Information Flyer

Share this flyer with other teachers at your school for maximum participation!

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Technology and Media Services (TMS)

For additional information or assistance with planning for this program, contact staff at the TMS department at the Genesee ISD by telephone or via email.