Fault in our Stars

By: John Green

reviewed By: Ava

The Fault in Our Stars

By: John Green

One of the things that Augustus Waters and Hazel Grace Lancaster have in common is they both have cancer and both go to the same support group. They are fighting for their life. They are in a life or death situation. Will they die or live? Who will die if anyone? Expect the unexpected.

Hazel Grace Lancaster is a girl with cancer when she meets Augustus Waters. She feels like a girl that does not have cancer see feels like a regular girl. See does most of the thing that a regular person would do. Only things that are different is she has an oxygen tank and she has cancer and her life is at risk. My favorite part with grace is when she goes to the support group that's when it all happened.

Augustus Waters has cancer too he is a boy with a ton of traits like funny, silly. His cancer is not as bad as graces. He becomes grace's best friend. Then, one night Augustus get hurt at the gas station and Grace gets ups in the middle of the night to help him. Read the book to see what happens. My favorite part is when he is had the gas station I liked it because it was a part with a ton of action.

I would recommend this book for 5th,6th,7th,8th graders!

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