Teacher Interview Project

Teacher : Mrs. Hatfeild ------ By: Tess Winkler

Question #1: Were you the first to go to college in your family?

Response: " No, both my mom and my dad went to college along with most aunts, uncles and sibalings"

Question #2: How did you pay for college?

Response: " i had track scholorship and then my parents paid for the rest of my college"

Question #3: Did you change majors or careers at any point?

response: " no, i had always wanted to be a teacher".

Question #4: What obstacles did you overcome in order to graduate college?

Response: " Most or my time when i was not in school i was in track and along with that came with track meets, also i was in a sorority which came with many responsibilities. Because of all of that i took extra summer classes and i took an extra semester.