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How does conflict lead to change?


This image represents my question because it shows that you can make choices during a conflict. In an argument the most likely changes that result involve one person benefiting or a compromise between the two parties.

Real World Examples:

A historical conflict that changed history was slavery. The civil war originally started with a goal of preserving the union but that quickly changed into abolishing slavery from the United States. People from around the country had conflicting opinions with family, friends, and even themselves. In the end slavery was abolished and the union tried to make peace. It took a long time for the wounds of the nation to heal and for the north and south to get along again after the bloody conflicts and battles.
Slave Trade In Two Minutes

Personal Example

We had a conflict because me and my sister wanted a dog, but our parents didn’t. We ended up drawing up a contract to do chores in order to get a dog. We signed the contract, and we got our dog. The contract stated that we had to do chores and care for the dog. We had to walk her and we had to do things for our parents to keep our new pet.
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Micheal Vey

Book A

In the book Michael Vey: Prisoner of Cell 25, Michael’s mother was kidnapped, which was an emotional conflict for Michael. ‘“The police believe she’s been kidnapped,” Mr. Liss said. My heart froze. Kidnapped? “Why would someone kidnap her?” “We don’t know!” My body’s pain was nothing compared to the agony I now felt.’ Michael’s conflict caused him to change his actions and to do everything in his power to get his mom back. To solve the conflict Michael had to change his behavior and take huge risks. The risks made him be put at risk just to save his mother. The book had a principle that the children would pay with the heads of their parents, rather than the other way around.


Book B

In the book Monstrumologist, Dr. Warthrop had conflicting feelings about his father. His father was a famous man and Dr. Warthrop looked at him as an idol, but he was ignored by his father his whole life. “In the back of your mind you must know the truth but refuse to acknowledge it, why? Because you cannot bring yourself to think the worst of him? Who was he to you? More important than you were to him? You defend a man who barely tolerates your existence.” Dr. Warthrop felt conflict because he didn’t want to believe his father was guilty of doing some terrible things. To resolve the conflict he had to admit that his father had done some terrible things, and that he was flawed. I associated the book with an image of someone who is afraid and surrounded by creatures, with no one to help him, because one of the book’s themes was of neglect. Both Dr. Warthrop and Will Henry had conflict at some time in the book about their relationships.

The Fallout

Book C

In the book The Fallout, Eli feels conflicted about his father, because a father is supposed to protect you, but instead he lies to his family, and is insane. “My father’s lies were good. Better than good. His lies were brilliant. And his planning was nothing short of genius.” This quote shows that Eli recognized that his dad was lying. Eli was devastated that his father locked them underground, especially because his twin brother was left above ground. The conflict was resolved for Eli when he realized that his father was insane, and he ended up dying in an explosion. I associate the book with the image of twin boys who act completely differently, because they grew up in different environments. They had different views about their father because Eli knew more about their father, while Eddy knew him as a hero and never knew the awful truth.

Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

The song is a romantic conflict between the singer and a girl. They are conflicting because the singer is showing how much he cared about the girl in an attempt to get her to like him. He is attempting to get her to share the same feelings he has. The song ends fading away leaving the listener to wonder what effect this change had on the woman. In this instance the girl may have either changed to like him, disliked him even more, or she may have no changed. (To be honest I just wanted a reason to use Rick Astley.)


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