Be Healthy...Be Happy!

Wash your hands!

Follow these 6 easy steps to PERFECT hand washing:

1. Wet hands.

2. Add soap.

3. Scrub all over (backs of hands, wrists, between fingers and even under fingernails!)

4. Rinse.

5. Dry.

6. Turn off water with paper towel.

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Exercise and get fit!

The only step is to GET MOVING.

Eat well!

Eating well is all about making the RIGHT choices.

Stay away from junk food!

Drink plenty of water!

Water keeps us moving and gets us thinking too.

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Find some inner peace with yoga!

You can do this anywhere... at home, school or even a friend's house.

Try these top 10 healthy family tips!

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Make being healthy FUN!

Try some of these ideas at home with your kids.

Remember: Eat well, stay active and enjoy a healthy life!

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