Best Mobile Apps for Education

My Five Favourite Apps


With this app, students can write quizzes, do school work and assignments on their mobile devices at any time and any place. This is incredibly beneficial for student athletes, kid's that are involved in clubs or in the community, and kids that are sick or have any other reason to miss school. Mobile apps such as this one prevents those students from missing important information and from falling behind.


This mobile app allows you to poll your class and they answer by using text-messaging. It is very easy to use, the answers or comments are anonymous therefore students who do not like public speaking or engaging in class discussion can benefit from this tool by remaining anonymous and still being able to share their thoughts, ideas, comments and/or feedback with the class. PollEverywhere gives everyone a chance to participate in the class.


Audioboo is an easy tool to use that can be used in teaching, in student projects, or to deliver announcements and information to students. The student and the teacher simply need to send each other links to their voice clip and they will be able to share that information whether it be an important announcement, a singing project, or a missed lesson, etc. This type of technology in the classroom keeps the students engaged in their learning.


This app allows you to quickly turn a picture into an audio picture story. The student just has to upload an image and start recording their voice. They can comment on the photo, explain what's happening in the photo, or tell a story related to the photo. This can be used effectively in social studies and language arts classrooms. An example would be in the social studies classroom, as a project, the student has to look over a political cartoon and describe what the artist was trying to portray to the audience and if they agree with the artists position. Another example could be in elementary language arts classes where the teacher shows the class the picture and they each have to record a story that comes to mind when they see that particular photo.

Google Drive

This mobile app is amazing. Google Drive enables user cloud storage, file sharing and collaborative editing. This app facilitates group work as the students don't all have to be in the same location to work on a project or they don't have to meet up at a specific time to work on it together. Each member can edit the work from their own separate mobile device from anywhere and at any time regardless of where the other members are.