How the Rainbow Was Made

Somewhere Over the Rainbow..

An American Indian named Nanabozho, woke up one morning, and observed the blue birds outside. He gatherd paint buckets and brushes, and headed outside to the garden with flowers near his home. He recreated the garden with paint. One of the blue birds soared down, and dipped his right wing into the red paint bucket. The other blue bird flew down, and his left wing accidentally dipped into the orange paint bucket. Nanabozho become furious with the birds, and they continued. Eventually they were both covered with the colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The blue birds began to soar through the mist of a nearby waterfall. The colors commenced to glisten by the water. Nanabozho took pleasure in these unique colors. He yelled at the birds, "You've made a rainbow!" And that is the myth that the rainbow was created.
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