Middle East Conflicts


Persain Gulf War

Iran vs. Iraqi

The united Nations was involved in this war. This war was active from 1990-1991. Iraqi took power of Iran and ended world power trade for Iran.

War on Terrorism

One thing in this war is 9,11 and all these other wars in the cold war. Osma Benladen is the leader of all the teerrist attacts. U.S army killed him.


Bombing of the Twin Towers. This is the deadlyest attacts on amercain soil, it killed alot of people. There were cornated torrorist attacts on 2 big world trade centers. There were 4 hijacts on planes, the planes crashed into the Twin Towers. Osama Benloden was the leader of these attacts.


A time of NO WAR, and a time of no fighting. This is a great time but unfortitly it 9s hard to that. U.S really likes peace

Saddam Hussain

Iraqi leader he was a dicktator this led to the persain gulf war. Iran took power of Iraqi in 1979.