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Implement Water Management Strategies Now to Avoid Water Anarchy

India is one of the largest users of groundwater resources. The country largely depends on this water source for daily usages, industries, and agriculture. In fact, India’s groundwater utility is way more than China and the USA. However, due to unplanned urban growth, and huge volumes of wastewater, the country is looking face to face with a groundwater scarcity scenario. At present, farmers and urban planners have to dig deeper and deeper to access the groundwater level. The situation is worsening every day. The groundwater resource largely depends on the famous Indian monsoon. However, with intense climate changing pressure on the environment, India has been noticing irregular monsoons of late. Considering all these factors, implementation of groundwater management across India is the need of the hour.

Macro and micro

Proper steps are necessary both in the micro and macro levels. Both industries and residential complexes need to implement proper strategies of managing water. This involves basic parameters like optimizing the use of available water, recycling the water as many times possible, making sure that the wastewater does not pollute the groundwater levels and so on. Whether you want a sustainable water solution in your home or you are the water resource manager at an industry, you need to make sure of not delaying the implementation of water harvesting techniques in your area of action.

This is beneficial in every perceivable way. Besides being a vital nutrient for LIFE, you also need water for continuous sustainable industrial development. You need water for agriculture also. Ensure the implementation of latest water conservation methods to prevent the imminent water shortage. Some researchers point out to the grim fact that if proper steps do not work out, the country might be facing a situation of water anarchy not very late.

Form an aqua-community

You need to find a service that can assist in developing a stable water community. The service must follow a comprehensive approach by identifying the underground aquifers and taking proper measures for water management. Just by preventing water wastage, a significant extent of the problem is solvable. The water extracted from underground must go through multiple uses. For this to be effective there must be a suitable wastewater treatment plant. Find a service that uses the latest methods of water treatment. If one has to choose between industry and agriculture, the preference must be clearly on agriculture. This is because Indian traditional agriculture maintains age-old traditions of water conservation and usage. Obviously, industries are also important. Industries create huge amount of wastewater. A proper plan must be in place to optimize the use of the wastewater.

Finally, in a monsoon rich country like India, rainwater harvesting must receive its due importance. In cities, most of the rainwater is lost as wastewater. In villages, where there are open fields, still the rainwater seeps within the ground to nourish the aquifers. The harvesting of rainwater must begin at the homes. Homeowners can manage the water supply during the monsoon through harvesting the rainwater. This involves collection, storage, treatment and recycling of the water. You need to find a service that can provide all these solutions. Look for a service with diverse industry experience and having a commitment to the society. Find the people using the most advanced methods of sustainable water conservation. The service must be able educate people on need of long-term water conservation methods like planting trees.

Water Solutions

Water solutions provide information on rainwater harvesting, Eco-friendly architecture, reuse and waste water treatment for houses, water recycling, and industries.