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March 17, 2016

Welcome to the CMC Newsletter! Spring is in the air although the temps feel more like summer this week! Learn about a second year MBA student's path to landing an awesome job and more in this issue. Happy reading!
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Spotlight of the Week: Marc Corti

Congratulations to second year MBA student Marc Corti for recently accepting a position with Volkswagen Group of America in their Graduate Development Program.

The two-year program includes rotations with VW's Digital Marketing, IT&S, and Connected Services organizations. Marc will have opportunities to impact how VW utilizes digital technology to interact and communicate with its customers (website and social media), and will work on the products themselves. He will also be involved with the development and implementation of new IT platforms that help drive the digital marketing and digital product innovations.

Marc's job search was a meticulous process and his best results came through meeting and talking with people. He found out about VW's GDP during the one- week study abroad intensive in Dublin, Ireland last April. There Marc had a conversation with Dean Williams about his passion for cars and technology. Dean Williams told Marc about a recent Pepperdine MBA grad who was working at Volkswagen/Audi Group and then connected him to the alum via LinkedIn. After a lengthy application process while studying abroad in France he landed the position!

The job search process can be arduous and Marc sums up his search this way, “it is amazing how when you start talking to people how opportunities present themselves that you may have never considered." He adds, "my advice, just get out there and just start talking to people about your interests, passions and goals. Eventually, a few people who you talk to can give you some information that opens the process up for you. And if you find yourself abroad, just be active with your research, communication with the CMC, and your own network- all of which you can do while abroad.”

Since his return to campus after a semester at KEDGE Business School in France, Marc has been actively involved with the Global Programs Office helping to inform students about study abroad options. “If sharing my experience with someone else helps them decide to study abroad, then I'm happy!”

And we’re happy for you Marc! Congrats!

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How to Jolt A Stalled Job Search Out of Neutral

A successful job search is about momentum and results. If your job search feels like it is sputtering or stuck in neutral, there are three things you can focus on to build back your momentum.

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  • Management Consulting Boot Camp: Saturday, March 19th - 8:30 - 3:00 pm (at the WLA Campus)
  • Diversity Conferences Prep Session: March 22nd - 12:00 - 1:00 pm
  • AON Risk Solutions Information Session: March 31st - 6:00 - 7:30 pm (Irvine Campus)


  • Manager Corporate Development: INTUIT
  • Business Analyst, Org. Effectiveness: PG&E, San Francisco
  • Sr. Brand Manager: FAIRLIFE, LLC
  • Firm Administrator: ALLEN & KIMBALL, LLP
  • Affiliate Marketing Manager: POPULAR MARKETING

Stop by the CMC if you have questions about these postings or upcoming events.

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