Gigantic Geometry

Shapes, angles, and degrees everywhere

Amazing Angles

There are different types of angles. One , is acute angles, which is less than 90 degrees. The next angle is Right angle which measures exactly 90 degrees. Another angle is obtuse angle, which measures more than 90 degrees. The last angle is the straight angle, which measures exactly 180 degrees.

Terrific Triangles

The first triangle is the Acute triangle, which has 3 acute angles. The second triangle is the Scalene triangle, which has 0 congruent sides and 0 congruent angles. The third triangle is the Right triangle, which has 1 right angle and 2 acute angles. The fourth triangle is the Isosceles triangle, which has 2 congruent sides and 2 congruent angles. The fifth triangle is the Obtuse triangle, which has 1 obtuse angle and 2 acute angles. Last but not least is the Equilateral triangle, which has 3 congruent sides and 3 congruent angles.

Not So Quiet Quadrilaterals

The first is the Rectangle. It has parallel opposite sides, all four angles are 90 degrees, and all sides are congruent. The second is the Square. The Square is equilateral, has all 90 degree angles, has parallel opposite sides, and all sides are congruent. A Square is a special Rectangle and Rhombus. The third is the Parallelogram, which has congruent opposite sides and angles and has parallel opposite sides. The fourth is the Rhombus, which has opposite parallel sides, all sides are congruent, and its opposite angles are congruent. The fifth, and last, is the Trapezoid, which has exactly one pair of parallel sides.

Missing Angles

First of all, a quadrilateral's angles added together equals 360 degrees every time. A triangle's angles added together equal 180 degrees no matter what. To get a quadrilaterals missing angle, you add up all the numbers given and subtract them from 360 degrees. To get a triangles missing angle, you add up all of the given angles and subtract them from 180 degrees.