Where Is Middle Earth?

By Kira Smith


Have you ever thought about where Middle Earth once was? If you looked for landscapes and places similar to Middle Earth you can find some in Iceland. Even the myths are similar. After reading about Iceland and it's history and myths, and looking at the gorgeous landscape, you can't deny that Iceland is truly magical. Many Icelandic people believe in 'hidden folk' and trolls. You can find evidence that these creatures did exist if you look through Iceland's history and myths. Some people think that they still exist.
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Argument #1

One reason I believe that Iceland is middle Earth is because of the landscape. If you compare the Vestrahorn mountains in Iceland to the Misty Mountains from The Hobbit, you can see that they are very similar. Iceland also has similar rivers and lakes to those in The Hobbit. The lake that Lake-town is on looks somewhat similar to a lake in Iceland. Iceland even has houses that look similar to Hobbit holes.

The Vestrahorn Mountains

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The Misty Mountains

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Argument #2

Iceland's myths are fairly similar to some of the creatures in The Hobbit. There are elves and trolls. In chapter three of The Hobbit, Bilbo, Gandalf, and the Dwarves defeated the trolls when the sun came out, because the trolls turned to stone in the light. Icelandic people also believe that a troll will turn to stone when caught in the sunlight. They believe that three trolls were trying to drag a three masted ship ashore, but were caught in the sunlight and forever turned to stone. These rocky formations that were once trolls are called Reynisdrangar. According to Icelanders, Elves can either be small or human height with human like features. Icelanders will set up homes for elves because they are a big part of their culture. Elves have been around for a long time and still may be!

Argument #3

Iceland was discovered in the 7th to 8th century when Celtic monks landed their ship there. There is a large chance that the creatures of Middle Earth once lived there, but most are now gone. Elves are a big part of Iceland's history. People have believed in them for a long time. Icelanders say that trolls and elves still exist, they are just more fond of elves. You can tell because they leave tiny houses out for elves. Icelanders will also change the course of roads to not disrupt elves's houses.

Counter Claim

If you really look at Iceland's myths, it's landscapes, and history, you can really tell that Iceland is where Middle Earth once was. If you think that Germany or France or Canada is Middle Earth, you're wrong. Once you take some time and really look into Iceland's past and present, you will see that Iceland really was Middle Earth. All the evidence is there, you just have to look for it a little.


Based on all of this information, you should see that Iceland is Middle Earth. Everything about the myths, landscape, and history just makes Iceland the place where Middle Earth once was. If you don't agree that Iceland is Middle Earth, you should look through the facts again or look deeper, because Iceland really is Middle Earth.