Waiters & Waitresses In France

The Cafe Norms

Monsieur and Madame

Waiters in France take their jobs very seriously and expect to be called madame if they are a woman and monsieur if they are a man.

Take Your Time!

It might seem as if the waiters are taking a long time to serve your food yet the tradition in France is to take your time eating even if this means spending a meal at a table for a few hours.

15 % tax

In France the 15% tip is included in the final check and is known as "service compris".

The French Understatment

The french use "la ligote" which is known as an understatement.

If the food were bad, they would say: "C'est pas terrible" translating to "its not great".

If the food were good, they would say: "C'est pas mauvais" which translates to "not to bad"