Liar and Spy

Are you going to make a new friend???

What is the book about?

The book is about a boy named Georges who met a boy his age named Safer. Safer was very different because he was more tricky and he was a spy. It changed Georges by making him more powerful and made him less shy and that was a big impact on his life.

What you would learn about the book

If you read this book than you would learn that there is no limit between friendship and that you shoudn't care about anything bad that gets in your way and just be yourself. The author wrote this book because she wanted people to know to just be a good freind and help them out in any situation and dont take every so seriously.

Why we think you should read this book

We think you should read it because you would learn how to deal with family problems and friends. You should ignore bullys and not care about anything. We really like this book and we think you should read it too. : )