Singin' in the rain

The Musical

What is the move about

  • The film begins with a sort of joke about the Oscars , which actors pretend to the qualit relationship between them in order to give more publicity to his films . Harassed by some fans , the protagonist ( Gene Kelly ) Meet the girl who falls in love -as long fugir- tries , but it 's to avoid differences of views on the silent film actors and theater .

Move information

Year: 1952
Nationality: USA
Director: By Gene kelly,stanly donen.

Music: Al Hoffman
choregaphy: nacio herb,lennie hayton
Cast: Gene Kelly, Donald O'connor, Debbie Reynolds, Jean Hagen, Millard Mitchell.

Gene Kelly

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Gene Kelly

-What city was he from? Pittsburg, Pensivânia; UNATED STATES.

-When was he born? 23Th Of August in 1952.

-What did he study? Dancer, Director, Actor, Singer, Producer and Choreographer.

-He was made: Leave it to me, One for the money, The time of your life and Pal Joey.


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HD 1080p "Singin' in the Rain" (Title Song) 1952 ~ Gene Kelly


I liked when he dancing it was very cool.
I liked it when hagen jean was singing and opened the curtain and the people see was singing debbie reynolds.


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