Tiger Tales 2016 Edition 1

By Nathan Abel

Theisen Leadership Team

The Theisen Leadership Team is a group of sixteen, 7th graders and a group of sixteen, 8th graders. The teachers who started and assist the Leadership Team are Mr. Veness and Mrs. Anderson. Some activities that the team does are to plan the dances. Theisen Middle School Leadership Team represent Theisen Middle School and their students.

Core Values

The Leadership Team learns what leadership means. We are trying to promote the school's 10 Core Values to Theisen students. The Core Values are what you should act like and believe in yourself. Some of them are Honestly and Positivity.


The activities that the Theisen Leadership Team plans are the Fall Ball, the Snow Ball, and the Heart Hop. A couple of fundraisers are Hat Day, Moustache Day, ext. These activities raise money for the entire school. All of the money goes to technology, textbooks, and subjects.
The Theisen Leadership Team is a fun activity to do. It's also a great experience to have. Everybody should join the team.