Is the death penalty effective?

Is killing people that kill people wrong?

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Why do we kill people that do bad things if killing people is wrong?

•Why should everyone who does something really bad get to take the easy way out and just get killed?

How many innocent people are killed by the death penalty?

•Between the years 2000-2013, 4.69 people are killed every year.

•30% of those people were wrongly convicted.

And the cost of the lethal injections of the death penalty is very expensive.

They should be made to suffer!

• Instead of just letting people do terrible stuff and get the death penalty, so they can just do what ever they want and know the only consequence is that they will be killed.

• They should be made to sit in a jail cell rotting or be made to do excruciating hard work.

The Other Side

•Most people believe that if a killer goes to court they should automatically get the death penalty.

•some people even believe there should be no court involved and they should be sent straight to death row.


• I don't believe that the death penalty should exist and just give people the easy way out.

• They should be made to rot in a jail cell and have to live with the fact that they killed people, or that they did something bad enough to get sentenced to life without parole

The Death Penalty Debate