Energy Conservation

By Dayne and Preston

What is Energy Conservation?

Energy Conservation is saving energy or using less energy. We need to conserve energy because most of our energy comes from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are a natural fuel made in the past from once living organisms. Fossil fuels are a non-renewable energy source. That means that once we run out, they are gone. We can't get them back.

Why do we need to conserve energy?

We need to conserve energy so we don't run out of fossil fuels as quickly. Once we run out of fossil fuels, they are gone for a long time. We also need to use alternative energy sources. Conserving energy will also put less carbon dioxide in the air and less pollution.

Ways to Save Energy Everyday

1. Take short showers. Taking short showers will cut down on how much water you use. Then we won't use as much energy to heat the water.

2. Don't leave the refrigerator door open for long periods of time. When you open the refrigerator, the cold air inside is replaced with warm air. Then when you close it the refrigerator has to get the temperature back to cold and it uses more energy.

3. Shut off lights when you are not using them. It takes energy for the lights to be on.

4. Car pool or drive less when you can. We would save fossil fuels by driving less.

5. Hang your clothes to dry. This way you will not use energy by running the dryer. Your clothes will also look better when they are hung up.

Ways to Save Energy in your Home

1. Use energy efficient lightbulbs rather than a normal lightbulb. It uses less energy to power while giving off the same amount of light.

2. Use a low-flow shower head. It uses less water. There is less energy used to make hot water.

3. Set your thermostat down when you are leaving your house for long periods of time. It will use less energy to heat your house.

4. Install high performance windows. They will not let the heat or cold in as much as regular windows. Then you will not have to use as much energy to heat or cool your house.

5. Unplug electronics when you are not using them. They still use energy when they are connected to the outlet whether you are using it or not.

Ways to Save Energy as a Consumer

1. Go to garage sales and buy items. Then less items will need to be made and less energy will be used on making those items.

2. Don't buy clothes you won't wear. Only buy what you will wear. If you wear something one time then throw it away that is a waste of energy. If you buy less than less will be made.

3. Don't buy things that are over packaged. For example fruit snacks come in a box. Inside that box is individual packets of fruit snacks. If you just bought a big bag of fruit snacks instead of the box, then less packaging would be made and less energy is used.

4. Buy a car that has good miles per gallon or can be charged electrically. If you buy an electric car then less fossil fuels will be burned. If you get good miles per gallon you will drive longer distances and less fossil fuels will be burned.

5. Buy rechargeable batteries. Then you can charge them instead of buying new batteries. Less batteries being made means less energy being used.