Oils Sands In Four Points:

Summative Project

Project Outline:

For the Unit 3 summative task, you will produce a Smore or Tackk explaining the current issues of development of the Oil Sands. Your project will briefly review what the Oil Sands are, the health and environmental concerns of development and how Canada do a better job of developing this resource. Use images, videos and point form notes to explain your findings.

First Point: Why develop the Oil Sands?

Explain to the reader where the oil sands are located and why Canada is so eager to expand development from 2 million barrels per day to 4 million barrels per day.

Provide a Map or Graph!

Big image

Second Point: Environmental Damage

Here you will need to provide two points on how the Oil Sands are harming the environment. Be sure to create a topic sentence for each harmful effect and provide brief details on the impacts to the environment. Use the information from H2Oil! Include a video to help support your point.

Environmental Damage of the Oil Sands

The Story Of The Alberta Oil Sands

Third Point: Health Concerns

Identify one way the development of the Oil Sands is harming people living downstream of the Oil Sands. Select one of the points Dr. John O'Connor presented in the movie, Provide brief details on the health concerns.

Fourth Point: My opinion

In a brief paragraph share your opinion on the following question:

Should Canada continue to increase development of the Oil Sands?

Have a clear topic sentence that states your answer to the question.

Provide two reasons to support your opinion.

Provide a two sentence explanation of how your reasons support your opinion.

Provide a one sentence conclusion for your paragraph.