St Mary's Catholic School 30 June 2021 - Term 2 Week 9

Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle B

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Gospel Reading

Mark 5:21-43 ( shorter form, Mark 5:21-24,35b-43)

Jesus heals a woman afflicted with a hemorrhage and raises Jairus’s daughter from death.

Background on the Gospel Reading

In Sunday’s Gospel, we continue to read from the Gospel of Mark. Last Sunday we heard about Jesus calming the storm, the first of four miracles that Jesus performs in the vicinity of the Sea of Galilee. Each of these four miracle stories offers us a glimpse at Jesus’ power. This week we hear about the third and fourth miracles, skipping the second miracle, the healing of a man from Gerasene who was possessed by a demon.

Today’s Gospel reports two stories of healing. One story tells us about a father’s great love for his dying daughter. The other story tells us about a desperate woman who risks much as she seeks healing from Jesus. In each story, the request for healing is itself a courageous act of faith, and yet very different circumstances are represented by the lives of each suffering person.

Jairus is described as a synagogue official, a man of considerable standing in the Jewish community. Distraught over his daughter’s poor health, he approaches Jesus and asks him to heal her. Although Mark doesn’t provide many details, we can imagine that his daughter has been ill for some time and that her condition is deteriorating.

As Jesus leaves with Jairus, Mark describes a second person who seeks healing from Jesus, a woman with a hemorrhage. This woman secretly touches Jesus from behind and is immediately cured. In response, Jesus turns and asks who touched him. Jesus’ disciples, always a little clueless in Mark’s Gospel, help us envision the scene. The crowds are pushing in on Jesus, and yet he, knowing that power has gone out of him, asks who touched him. The woman could have remained anonymous, yet at Jesus’ question she steps forward and acknowledges what she has done. Jesus responds by acknowledging her as a model of faith and sends her away in peace.

At this point, we can imagine Jairus’s impatience with Jesus; his daughter is dying and Jesus hasn’t helped him yet. As if to build a sense of urgency, messengers suddenly arrive and confirm Jairus’s worst fear: his daughter has died. Jesus curiously ignores their message and reassures Jairus. When they arrive at Jairus’s home, they find family and friends mourning the girl’s death. Jesus enters the room of the dead girl, takes her by the hand, and instructs her to arise. Jairus’s faith in Jesus has not been in vain; his daughter is restored to life.

The contrasts between Jairus and the woman with the haemorrhage are stark and revealing. One is a man, the other is a woman. One is a public official, an important person in the community. The other is a woman who has lost everything to find a cure to a condition that separated her from the community. One approaches Jesus publicly. The other approaches Jesus secretly. Yet in each case, faith leads them to seek out Jesus in their time of need.

The Gospel concludes with Jesus’ instructions to remain silent about this miracle. This is typical of Mark’s Gospel and is sometimes referred to as the messianic secret. Repeatedly, those who witness Jesus’ power and authority are instructed to not speak of what they have witnessed. These instructions appear impossible to obey, and it is difficult to understand the purpose of these instructions. But in each case, they seem to emphasise the fact that each individual, including the reader of Mark’s Gospel, must, in the end, make his or her own judgment about Jesus’ identity. Each individual must make his or her own act of faith in affirming Jesus as God’s Son.


Tēnā koutou kātoa e te whānau,

Tihei mauri ora, nau mai, haere mai, tena koutou katoa, E nga whanau, e nga kaiako, e nga tamariki, e nga manuhiri, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa

PTA Quiz

Thank-you to our wonderful PTA and their team for the quiz night. It was wonderful to see our family and friends supporting our school. A special thank you for the generous donated prizes. $15,000 has been raised for the development and upgrade of Te Kōpuha Hapori, Our Community Bach.

Hand-washing and sanitising

As we near the end of the Term it is a good reminder to make sure we all continue with our protocols of hand-washing and sanitising. This continues to be a daily routine here at school.


We have a number of children that are late to school. While we appreciate that life is very hectic and challenging for families, if we could work in partnership with you to support children getting to school on time we would be very grateful. We know that the more time a child is in front of the teacher for explicit teaching the more they will be able to achieve. Thank you in advance.

Paid Union Meetings

Thursday 1st July the Teachers have PAID UNION MEETINGS. We have chosen to keep the school open so during the day there may be some classrooms doubling up to allow Teachers to attend.

St Mary's Holiday Programme

The Holiday Programme will run for the second week only from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd July. Sign up using the enrolment form below.

2022 Dates

2022 dates have been set. There will be two Teacher only days and two Accord days. The 2022 start and finish dates are Thursday 3rd February 2022 to 12pm Tuesday 20th December 2022.

New Entrant Class

A new, New Entrants class will be commencing in Term 3, learning from Room 4. Mrs Noeleen Kenny will be the full time teacher in the classroom. We welcome the 9 new students and Mrs Kenny on the first day of Term 3 Monday 26th July.

Ngā mihi nui

James Murray

Big picture


Thank you

Thank you for all your support this term. We have had a fantastic term learning more about being Faithful to the gospel. A big thank you to Fr Philip and Fr Arnold for celebrating school Masses, Liturgies, Benediction. It is greatly appreciated.

Well done to the 58 students who have completed this year's Sacramental Programme; receiving Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Eucharist.

Please join in prayer and good wishes to the Cluny Sisters on their upcoming Feast day (15th July). May God bless them always.

First Holy Communion

Congratulations to our students who made their First Holy Communion on the weekend. May God Bless you.

Below are photos from First Holy Communion from Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th of June.

Saturday 26 June 2021
Sunday 27 June 2021

School Feast Day- House colour mufti day

Next Thursday we will celebrate our school’s feast day. The actual Feast of Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey is on Thursday 15th July during the school holidays.

We look forward to a fun day at school in prayer together.

We welcome Whanau to come along on the day/ part of the day to celebrate with us.

9:10 am - 9:40am Liturgy: Anne Marie Javouhey (BAMJC)

9:50am - 10:10am Houses: Chalk drawing challenge

10:10am - 10:30am Whanau rooms

11:15am - 12:10 Collaborative Faith Pictures in houses

12:10pm - 12:30 pm Whanau rooms

1:30pm Praying in Colour - Whanau rooms

2:10pm - 2:30pm Final Prayer (BAMJC)

2:30 pm Whanau rooms

School Values focus

Please ask your child/children to share with you about their Religious Education Religious Education.

Term 2

Week 9/10: We follow the example of Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey

Holiday Prayer

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this holiday—
an extra chance for fun and play.
There’s so much I can learn and do
even if I’m not in school.

All the beauty and gifts abound.
The world you created is all around.
Today’s a chance to go explore,
try new things, and discover more.

I’ll miss my teacher and my friends
just as happens on weekends.
But I know that for today,
I’m thankful for this holiday.


Teresa Rush



Who Are Your Board of Trustee Members?

Over the coming weeks we will profile each member of the Board to give you an insight into the people helping to run our wonderful school. In previous newsletters we have met Tracey Oliver-Marshall, Lorraine Schofield, Matt Dalton and Bernie Gardiner.

This week we meet Tony Lenton and Ati Aaifou-Olive.

Tony Lenton - Chairman

I am one of four Proprietor representatives on the St Mary’s Board. (The Proprietor is the Bishop of Hamilton, Stephen Lowe.) Four of my grandchildren attend or have attended St Mary’s. I work in Hospital Chaplaincy and am an experienced company director and accountant. I am immensely proud to serve with the current Board.

Ati Aaifou-Olive - Deputy Chair (Parent Representative)

My wife Charlie and I have two boys at St Mary’s School and a daughter at Aquinas College. I am a recruitment specialist of 18 years working in the Industrial sector, with a Bachelor in Business specialising in Sports Management. I currently work for the Bay of Plenty Rugby Union as the Pathways General Manager.

My huge passions are my family, my Samoa culture, sports and business.

I am heavily involved in the community, and love working with students and parents to grow their connections and identity within our school. I feel very privileged to be elected as a parent representative for our beautiful school.


Maths-Whizz champion worldwide for May

Congratulations to Jacob Lim from Whānau Piceno. Jacob has been working very hard at home using his Maths-Whizz online learning resource and was the Maths-Whizz champion worldwide for May. Congratulations Jacob on your wonderful progress and thank you to Ross and Chris from Maths-Whizz for visiting us to present Jacob with his medal and certificate.


Egg: Close observation of the parts of an egg.

Paper Mache: Building a model of an egg. Here we are using a paper mache layer to represent the egg shell.


Miharo from L.A.B

On Tuesday the 22nd of June we were lucky enough to have Miharo Gregory from L.A.B visit us thanks to Mr McCabe. Mr Murray was looking after Whanau McCabe until they came back from the airport. When he came back we were doing reading until Mr McCabe came back and told us to do maths. I remembered Mr McCabe telling us that he had a famous cousin and he was in L.A.B and I was shocked because there was a celebrity in our classroom. We are such big fans!

We were all gobsmacked waiting to see if we should get his autograph and then one of our classmates asked to get his autograph. Next thing there was a massive line of kids lined up with a pen and paper. We packed up a bit early and everyone was wondering why, but Mr McCabe said that Miharo was going to play us some songs. Everyone was beaming with excitement. The songs he sang were Natural and Controller. We then asked him some questions. We had some weird ones like “how many parking lots are there at the concert” and “have you ever had a kfc bucket” but other than that we found out some cool stuff. Thanks to Mr McCabe we had one of the best school days ever.

By Addison Sands, Carys Parry and Sienna Smart


Year 6 Netball Tournament played at Tauranga Netball Centre

St Mary's Magic placed 3rd in their pool.

St Mary's Pulse placed 1st in their pool - Fabulous result girls.

Massive effort from both teams in cold and wet conditions.

St Mary's Cross Country Prizegiving

Congratulations to our awesome runners who placed in the top 3 for our 2021 Cross Country Event.

A special mention to our cup winners:

Lachlan Murray- First Year 6 boys

Janelle Tustin - First Year 6 girls

Zara Willers - First Year 5 girls

Solomon Smith - First Year 5 boys

Big picture

South Cluster and Bay of Plenty Cross Country results

Congratulations to our 17 representatives that competed at Western Bay Cross Country on Thursday 17th June. Lachlan Murray (Year 6) Janelle Tustin (Year 6) and Kaitlin Cope (Year 4) all progressed to the Bay of Plenty Cross Country Championships held on Tuesday 29th June.

At the Bay of Plenty Championships Lachlan Murray placed 5th, Janelle Tustin 24th and Kaitlin Cope 20th. Amazing effort!

Year 3/4 Basketball World Cup held at Baypark

St Mary's came 4th after losing only in extra time!

Special acknowledgement to Flynn Gardiner for being awarded one of the Top 5 players of the tournament.


Brave the Crave Cookie Day fundraiser beginning 21 June 2021

Order individual cookies (60g) or take-home Cookie Bites buckets (one serious mouthful!) to share. Only premium ingredients are used. No colourings, no preservatives, no artificial flavours. Only the best ingredients make it into the cookies. The buckets contain cookie bites which are perfect for those mini cravings. We do find however that stopping at one or two bites is near impossible.

Individual Cookies - 4 flavours

Fairy bread, chocolate chunk, triple chocolate, vegan $3 each ($1 goes to school)

Cookie Bites Buckets – 3 flavours

Fairy bread, chocolate chunk, triple chocolate – 2 sizes available

20 Bites - $14.90 ($2 goes to school)

40 Bites - $28.90 ($4 goes to school)

Ordering through Kindo will open on 21 June 2021 and close off at 10pm 9 July 2021 with distribution being the first week of term 3.



The Eucharist brings us very close to Jesus. He comes to us, He speaks to us, He touches us, He loves us with a power that restores life and health. We are all in need of his healing touch. This weekend 81 children from our parish faith community will receive their First Holy Communion at St Mary Immaculate Church. Please pray for them as they encounter Jesus in a very real and intimate way, inviting Him to be their brother, Saviour, and Lord of all life.

Fr Philip


Gobsmacked Musical Theatre Holiday Programmes

It's that time of the term where we are gearing up for our GOBSMACKED HOLIDAY PROGRAMMES!

If you love our Gobsmacked musicals and after school classes, then this is the holiday programme for you!!

Spend the first week of the holidays (Monday – Friday, July 12 – 16) with the talented Gobsmacked team to create a Gobsmacking music video that will be uploaded to our Youtube Channel 'Gobsmacked Productions'. The week will be jam packed with acting, dancing, singing, theatre sport games and all the training you need to be GOBSMACKING!

Or you can spend the last two days of the holidays with us (Thursday July 22 and Friday July 23) for our yearly christian-based holiday programme ‘AMAZING’ where we aim to bring between 200 – 250 children together from around Tauranga who will be taught this year by some very talented volunteers and teachers from around New Zealand and Australia. You don't want to miss this AMAZING experience. Check out last years 2-day holiday programme highlights by going to

Coming off major success from our last holiday programmes, we invite you to join us for our bigger and even better programmes!!

We have attached all the details you will need!

Grab a friend and sign up fast as spaces are limited!!

FINALLY last but not least.... sign your child up for next term's Gobsmacked lunchtime musical theatre classes on Tuesday's. Your child will learn how to integrate acting, singing and dancing into a music video. This will be filmed, edited and uploaded to our social media and youtube channel for you to have access to forever. This is open to all ages for diversity in our music videos.


Term 2 - Monday 3 May - Thursday 8 July

Monday 7 June - Queens Birthday

Friday 9 July - Kahui Ako Teacher Only Day

Term 3 - Monday 26 July - Friday 1 October

Wednesday 11 August - Accord Day Teacher Only Day

Term 4 - Monday 18 October - Friday 17 December (12 noon)

Monday 25 October - Labour Day

Friday 12th November - Accord Day Teacher Only Day


Term 1 - Thursday 3 February - Thursday 14 April

Monday 7 February - Waitangi Day

Term 2 - Monday 2 May - Friday 8 July

Monday 6 June - Queen's Birthday

Friday 24 June - Matariki

Term 3 - Monday 25 July - Friday 30 September

Term 4 - Monday 17 October - Tuesday 20 December

Monday 24 October - Labour Day

There is provision for two Teacher only days and two Accord days to be added to the 2022 calendar year.

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