Google Play or Apple Itunes

Which is your choice?

Google Play

Google Play was also known as the Android Market. Google Play allows you to browse and download music, books, movies ect. Google Play is compaitable with any Android phone of Microsoft windows. The merging of the Android Market and Google Music was the cause of the renaming to Google Play.

Apple Itunes

Itunes is a media palyer made by the Apple company. Itunes has four times as many iOS developers than Google Play. Itunes is used to browse and download music, games ect. Itunes is compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Microsoft Windows. Itunes 11 is the most recent version of Ituens avalible.

Apple has the advatage when it comes to developers.

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The number of apps Increased almost every year.

Who has more apps iTunes or Google Play?

Google has 700,000 apps, tying Apples app store. I think that the quality of the apps from both stores are the same. They may not be the same in display or you may not use them the same if you had the other one. I think that even though those things to paly a major role, that they still both have the same quality.
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