Jacob Cody

What is a tornado?

A tornado is a thunderstorm that violently rotates forward the ground. A tornado usually forms over a high, flat plain. It is caused when a cold air current and a hot air current meet and start spinning around and around.

What are the main features of a tornado?

The main feature of a tornado is the violent winds. The wind speeds can get so high that it can lift a house! Sometimes a tornado will come after a hurricane which sometimes the tornado can cause rain. A tornado is usually transparent until its winds pick up soil which gives it the color to be able to see it.

How much damage can a tornado cause?

A tornado can cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage costs if you don't have tornado protection on your insurance. The damage a tornado can cause would be lifting houses with not very strong frames, unroot trees from the ground, and lift cars and throw them.

What good things can a tornado do?

One of the only things a tornado can do is get rid of the bad soil by picking it up and scattering it which then forms new fertile soil.

What benefits do we get during a tornado watch?

A tornado watch helps you get more time to react to a tornado. When you hear that there is a tornado coming usually you grab necessary supplies radio, flashlight, water, and food. Then after you gather supplies you head into your tornado bunker which protects you from the harm of the storm.