By.McKayla Berger

Belgium's history

Belgium is one of the founding countrys of the European Union. It help found it in 1952. Some history of Belgium before the E.U is it was a part of the Nertherlands but Belgium won its freedom in 1830 but was occupied by the Germans in World War One and two. Belgium's national anthem is brabançonne it is song in three different language.

Belgium Geograph

Belgium has the northern sea to its north and is in between the Nertherlands and France. It is mostly made up of flat land with some physical features like rivers. Some rivers in Belgium are Leirr,Schelde,Alberld Canal,Maas,Dender,Veune,Là Lover, Ourten and Meuse.

Tourism in Belgium

You might want to visit Belguim for their chocolate, architecture and museums .

Government of Belgium

Belgium is a federal parliament democary under a conuntiona monarchy. This sounds like a complicated government type but it real is not. The federal parliament democary means that part of Belguim government is based on voting on parliament. A coununtion monarchy means that part of Belgiums government is based on the monarchy having a limited amount of power. So Belgium's government is a government that votes on its parliament and has a monarchy with a limited amount of power.